Thoughts on a New Year – Fresh Start with 2016

Many people don’t like to make resolutions. Statistics show that a large majority of people don’t actually keep their ‘resolutions.’ Often people might use other words like goal or intention. But it’s really all the same I think. It’s the hope to change something in our lives and make it better or happier. And I think that’s a good thing, don’t you?

Thoughts on a New Year

A New Year is like a clean slate. You leave behind the things that you don’t want to carry with you and start with a fresh slate. This year I didn’t wait until January 1 to start my goals and changes. In fact, in December, I got together with some fabulous ladies to put a plan in place to figure out what we wanted to achieve in 2016 and how to make it happen. 

Although I started putting these things in place a few weeks before the new year, there is something about January 1. It feels good, it feels different, it feels full of promise and hope. And what is life if you don’t have hope.

My new year actually hasn’t started out the way I planned. I’ve been sick, had set backs and haven’t been able to accomplish anything. But I’m not going to let that deter my fresh start for 2016. Once I am back in full force, I’ll start again and it’s going to be okay.

Some of the things that I want to achieve in 2016 are:

1. Continue the progress we have made with SABN since its launch last year move it along even further towards success

2. Grow my blog with content that I enjoy writing and you all enjoy reading. 

3. Put some time aside each month to pitch freelance articles

4. Focus on being healthy in all aspects of my life, not just exercising, but eating healthy as well. 

5. Happiness – this word continues from last year and it’s important. I want to find the happiness wherever I can and share. Because life really is about being happy. All of the goals that I have, ultimately add to that happiness. 

What are your thoughts for 2016? Have you made any goals, resolutions or intentions for yourself?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on a New Year – Fresh Start with 2016

  1. Nice goals Salma! Mine are somewhat similar… I just rebranched/relaunched my blog so continue writing and expanding my readers. And to start yoga!

  2. No worries; you have plenty of time to catch up with your goals. Best of luck. I chose a word for 2016 – determination. So much to be determined about.

  3. I like goals but maybe it’s because I view them as intentions as well. I see them as directions I wish to travel and have fun seeing where I end up going even if that direction is different than I thought it woul even if that direction is different than I thought d be. I also like having a word of intention. Happiness is a great intention. My word for this year is inspire.

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