Tips for Getting the Best Deals When Online Shopping

What’s better than sitting at home on the couch, in your sweats after the kids have gone to bed, and doing a little online shopping? It’s quiet, you don’t have to wait in line for the fitting room or for the cashier and you can take your sweet time.

The only think I can think of that would make it better is getting the best deals when online shopping. Am I right?

I have definitely done my fair share of online shopping. Along the way, I’ve learned a few tricks and tips that help me make sure I get the best deals. Today, I thought, why not share those trick and tips with you on how to get the best deals when online shopping!

Tips for Online Shopping

1. Sign up for emails
You may not like the sound of getting more emails, but it can really help you get some great deals. When you sign up for the email updates from your favourite stores, you get to know first about big sales, special discounts and flash specials.

2. Use a Fashion Search Engine

If you haven’t tried a fashion search engine yet, you really need to. Sites like Lyst, Net-a-Porter Asos  are really amazing when it comes to online shopping.  You can shop for all your favourite brands in one place and you can create your own little boards, kind of like Pinterest for shopping.

It gets even better. For example, on Lyst, You can save items that you have an eye on to your board and then when they go on sale you will get a notification. If your size isn’t available and it becomes restocked, you’ll be updated about that too. Once you’ve done a little browsing and shopping, they get to know the things that you like and will send you alerts and ideas of outfits and items you like.

3. Check out review sites
This is a good tip to try because there are so many people online shopping out there that review sites will give you information and tips you may never have found out on your own about the store you like to shop at.

4. Get free shipping
And finally, you never really have to pay for shipping. If your favourite store doesn’t have free shipping or they only ship for free with a minimum purchase, than just buy something extra to meet that free shipping limit. If you don’t actually need it, you can always go return it to the store later. Why pay extra money for shopping if you don’t have to?

If you use all these tips when online shopping, there is no reason you should every have to pay full price for anything!

4 thoughts on “Tips for Getting the Best Deals When Online Shopping

  1. Great tips. For #1, email mailing lists, I created another separate email for online shopping. That way my regular inbox is not cluttered up, and I access at my convenience.

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