Tips to Help You Prepare for Ramadan

Ramadan is quickly approaching. This year, according to the Muslim calendar, it falls during the summer month, so this could be one of the longest fasts to date with daylight hours falling anywhere between 16-18 hours. Although this could take a toll on your energy levels, if you take the time the time to prepare for Ramadan, you and your family will be able to make it through the month a little more easily and feeling more energized.

Salima Jivraj, Halal Foodie expert and someone who observes Ramadan, shares her advice for staying energized during the long workday as well as some ideas from The Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills to make meals and food prep just a little bit easier.

Tips To Prepare for Ramadan

1. Drink lots of water
During the Suhoor and Iftar meals, it’s important to drink as much water as possible to keep your body hydrated. During the Suhoor meal, you can also eat salads that have a high water content, like a cucumber or tomato salad that will keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day. If you are short on time or energy, pick up a bag of pre-made salad to help you out.

2. Eat protein and fibre in the morning
During the Suhoor meal, it’s important to eat foods that are high in fibre, because fibre keeps you feeling full for longer periods of time. This includes foods such as whole grains, oats, beans and lentils.

One of our family favourites is a chicken and chickpea curry. This combination is delicious and high in protein to give you an energy boost. This tasty biryani recipe from Let Me Out is also a great for the Suhoor meal. To use in these recipes, you can find Sufra Zabeeha by hand Chicken in easy and convenient packages at The Real Canadian Superstore along with with the rest of your groceries.

3. Don’t over-exert yourself
If you exercise, Salima recommends shortening the time of your workout to save energy and making up for it after you eat your evening meal. She also says to consider exercising indoors on really hot and sunny days to avoid feeling dehydrated.

4. Include more fruits during Iftar
Although this meal happens after the workday is done, Salima stresses the importance of balancing your meals to avoid feeling bloated. Since it’s customary to break your fast with dates, she suggests eating a fruit salad during this time as well. Try waiting a while before having the final heavier evening meal so as not to have an upset stomach overnight.

5. Eat a multivitamin
Make sure to eat a multivitamin at the start of each day to help keep your energy levels up and ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need through the month of Ramadan.

These are a few tips to help you and your family prepare for Ramadan and to stay energized during the long summer days.

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*This post was sponsored by The Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills. All thoughts an opinions are my own. 

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  1. Such useful and practical tips. I always feel for my friends that observe Ramadan during the summer months in particular.

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