Trail Mix for Kids

If your kids are like mine, then they love snacks. Sometimes it’s hard to to keep up with healthy and tasty snack ideas for them. Last week we experimented a little with a bunch of ingredients we had at home and came up with a Trail Mix for Kids.

Trail Mix for the Kids

It was great because we all got to make a trail mix snack that we liked. It was fun and easy because you can just use what you already have.

For the ingredients, you can use what ever dry stuff you have in your cupboards. Here’s what we had:

Trail Mix Ingredients– nuts (almonds, cashews)
– dried fruit (cranberries, raisins, apricots)
– pumpkin seeds (you can also use sunflower seed)
– pretzel sticks
– mini chocolate chips
– multigrain cheerios

1. Give your kids a reusable container that has a lid that works and put all the ingredients in front of them.

2. Let them pick everything they want to add into their trail mix. I told mine that hey had to try a little bit of everything (and just keep an eye on the chocolate chips!)

Shaking the trail mix

3. Once they are done, put the lid on the container and let the kids shake. It mixes it all up and of course it’ll be fun for the kids.

Finished Trail Mix

4. And that’s it, the Trail Mix is done. Keep it accessible so the kids can reach it when they feel like having a snack or you can even use it in their lunch at school for recess.  

Trail Mix

What are your kids’ favourite snacks?

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