Tribute of Happiness to the Memory of a Friend

On October 14, 2015, the world lost an amazing woman. Mubina Jiwa was one of the most outgoing, friendly, giving, driven and accomplished women I have ever known. She was an accomplished naturopath, an amazing friend to countless people, a dedicated daughter, wife, and mother, a successful TV and radio personality, the list just goes on. She leaves behind a legacy. 

Mubina Jiwa Wedding

I was proud to call her my friend and I can’t describe my feelings every time I picture a life where I can never pick up the phone and call her again, where we can’t have Facetime dates, where I won’t get to hear her infectious laugh. 

But today’s post isn’t about my feelings of a death I can’t fully understand or come to terms with.

Today’s post is to celebrate the life and the memory of Mubina Jiwa. When she got sick, she still remained positive, she took positive steps in her life and she spread that positivity to those in her life.

Before she passed away, Mubina completed a 100 Happy Days on her Instagram feed. In honor of Mubina, her good friend Rahima and I wanted to also take on the same challenge. The challenge that Mubina took took on shortly after she was diagnosed and continued through to the end of the 100 days, despite the difficult times she was going through. 


If Mubina was able to find happiness in each day, despite battle a life threatening disease, it should inspire us to do the same. We invite you to join the challenge with us, starting on December 1, as a tribute to Dr. Mubina Jiwa and as a way to infuse a little bit of happiness in each day.

It’s very simple to join in. Once a day, post one thing that made you feel happy, made you smile or (if you knew Mubina,) something that reminded you of Mubina, whether it was a fabulous pair of shoes or a naturopathic remedy. You can post it on any of your social channels; Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #100HappyDaysMJ. The MJ is of course the the initials of the amazing woman the world lost. 

Let’s do something to celebrate the life we have and to honor Mubin,a who truly left a footprint on the world and on our hearts. 


15 thoughts on “Tribute of Happiness to the Memory of a Friend

  1. I applaud you – I lost my best friend from childhood to cancer in September. That is a wonderful tribute you are planning. My friend lives on (she was a 4th grade teacher) in the influence she had on her many students. Your friend will live on, too.

  2. It’s probably been about 13 or 14 years since I last last saw Mubina and she popped into my mind today. Thanks to you and Rahima for sharing your tributes. Only good memories and definitely not forgotten. 🙂

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