Valentine’s day tradition

I like how Valentine’s Day has evolved from a day that was just for romantic couples to a day where you express love to all of your loved ones. It’s not just a day to go out for dinner and buy chocolates, jewelry  and flowers but a day to say Happy Valentine’s Day to your mom and dad. A day to give an extra big hug to your kids and make them heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. It’s a day to remember good friends and cousins and wish them a day of love too.

Valentine's Day traditions

And this year, after doing all that, I decided to start a Valentine’s Day tradition with my kids, baking heart-shaped cookies! A tradition that they can be a part off and hopefully continue for years to come.

The cookies didn’t work out exactly as planned since we still have most of our baking supplies in transit to Vancouver from Winnipeg. We only had one cookie cutter so instead of heart shaped cookies, we ended up with sharks, circles and one snowman.

Valentine's Day tradition

The big dilemma when making chocolate chip cookies, is how to get them to stay in the shape of the cookie cutter and not just become a big blob. And it took a few tries but we figure out the Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe. 

The only changes I made were to cook them for about five minutes longer and add a little less chocolate chips because I only had the regular size, not the mini.

So year one of Valentine’s Day tradition was a delicious success!

Do you have any traditions for this day? I’d love to hear about them.

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  1. Your cookies look delicious! We made some heart shaped chocolate-chip cookies for Valentines by just forming them with our hands. As long as the tip and indent of the heart were well-defined and the cookies were not too thick, they turned out well (looking like hearts that is). I just used one of the Chipits recipes- delicious! Great tradition!

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