Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook

We always make an effort to celebrate our wedding anniversary each year. After having children, it became a little harder, but it’s important to recognize the milestone in your marriage.

Often your relationship gets put on the back burner when family life gets busy.  Your wedding anniversary is a great excuse for a date night, some alone time with your significant other and a time to look back and remember why you fell in love.

Every year on our  wedding anniversary, we have a special date, we watch a little bit of our wedding video and we update our Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook.

What is a wedding anniversary scrapbook you  might ask? It is a scrapbook where every year your record what you did on your anniversary. You can use a picture, a memento, words or a little bit of everything.

Here is how we made our Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook:

We used a blank scrap book to start. Then each year we added 1-3 pictures from our anniversary and added some description if needed. Sometimes we even saved cards and receipts (before kids, when we were keeners;) )

If you’re newly married, this is a great gift for your one-year anniversary because traditionally the gift is paper. We wrote each other a letter on our one year anniversary and then saved it and added it to the scrapbook.

If you’ve already been married for a while, this could be a great date night or anniversary project. Just find a scrapbook that you like, print out photos from your past anniversaries (Facebook is great at saving memories if you can’t find the pics,) grab a glue stick, some papers and markers and you’re good to go.

On our 2nd anniversary we were slightly tired with a newborn but still managed to snap a pic 🙂
Our 4th anniversary, the year I was 37 weeks pregnant on our anniversary!! (no captions or stickers that year)
Our 9th anniversary; we are a little more rested and more adventurous!

Think about what a fun night you’ll have putting this together while reliving all those wonderful memories. Then going forward, you can make sure to take a picture or save a memento each year to record what you did on your wedding anniversary.

(PS, there has been one (….ahem or two) years that I’ve forgotten to add to the scrapbook but I always catch up eventually.

It’ll be quite the Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook to look at on your 25th wedding anniversary and a wonderful memory and tradition to hand down to your children.

Do you have any Wedding Anniversary traditions?

4 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook

  1. That’s a great idea and good effort on your part! Too late for us (15th anniversary coming up) because we definitely didn’t take pics and many times, did not go on date nights that day! We did celebrate our 10th anniversary in a big way though and have plenty of wonderful memories and pics for that occasion! Perhaps it’s time I finally compiled those into a photo book!

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