What To Do When Your Kids Grow Out Of Their Clothes Too Fast

What To Do When Your Kids Grow Out Of Their Clothes

I have always enjoyed shopping, whether it’s for me or for others. My last shopping spree was recently for the kids’ back to school stuff.  Over the summer, the kids had grown two shoe sizes bigger and one clothing size. So now I needed new jeans, jogging pants, shirts, leggings and sweaters.

As much as I enjoy shopping, it’s a bit frustrating how fast the kids grow out of their clothes. Personally, I don’t like to buy sizes that are too big because then they don’t fit properly and look baggy on the kids. And when I buy the right size, often they grow out of it within the year!

So you can imagine that I was pretty excited to find out about Sears new Kidvantage Grow Out Guarantee. Basically what it means is that when you buy clothes for your kids and they grow out of it within the school year, you can bring it back and exchange it for the next size up! That is pretty amazing!

kidvantage grow out guarantee

Growing up, my mom used to take me to Sears all the time for school clothes and for those special occasion dresses and they still have all that same great stuff for my kids now. Since I just finished their back-to-school shopping, I’m now on the look out for some warm winter stuff and maybe a nice special occasion outfit for the holiday parties that are not far away. I love that at Sears I can get everything from school clothes and shoes to jackets, fancy dresses,  pyjamas and superhero stuff all in one place. I’ve saved some of my favourites that I know will look great on the kids!

Sears Wish List for Kyah

Sears Wish List for Keyan

Kyah will love the dress and I know Keyan will be ecstatic about the Batman hoodie. And I’m happy that even if they grow out of it, I can go back to Sears and get the next size up for no extra cost. 

I’m sure you’re itching to get started with your shopping now that you know about the Sears Kidvantage Grow Out Guarantee so to help you get started, we are giving away not just 1, but 10 $25 dollar gift cards. Follow the instructions below for your chance to win one of the gift cards.

Sears Kids Room Giveaway

Good luck and have fun shopping!

“Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Sears and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

15 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Kids Grow Out Of Their Clothes Too Fast

  1. That’s a great promotion. Sears (at least in the United States, where I live) is not doing well and they need to do something like this to kickstart a once great retailer.

  2. Finally a company who gets it! Kids grow. A lot. Sometimes 2 or more sizes in one year! This is such an awesome way to keep parents coming back to Sears and not have to spend oodles of money to replace a beloved shirt or pair of pants their child grew out of in a few months.

  3. That’s awesome! We put on a pair of Zack’s jeans we’d bought near the end of last school year and they were so short! Their little arms and legs are getting so long. it’s great that Sears does this…I had not heard of this before.

  4. Wow, this is so great of Sears. I admit I don’t typically shop at department stores for kids clothes, but if I had school-aged kids, I would totally go to Sears to shop because of this guarantee!

  5. What a great idea! Especially for those growth spurts (we’re still waiting for one of those to happen-my kids wear clothes for 2-3 years and actually wear them out instead of outgrowing them).
    It’s so nice to see an investment in purchaser loyalty again.

  6. This is a wonderful store policy. I wish more kids’ stores did this, too. My boys will suddenly shoot up in no time, making their pants too short way before they’re worn out.

  7. Sears is definitely full of a lot of great things. They do make sure they have nice pieces of fashion too. I like shopping there. In fact, my wedding dress came from there too.

  8. I had no idea that Sears did this! How awesome! My kiddos are growing so fast. I may have to shop their more often, just in case!

  9. Great idea, although what happens if/when you go to exchange item & they no longer have the next size up or no longer carry that product?

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