What To Do With Outgrown Baby Items

What to do with outgrown baby clothes, toys and items? This is the big question on my mind right now because we are moving at the end of the month. I thought that I’d already dealt with that, but as we start packing the kid’s rooms, I’ve been finding tons of stuff: nursing pillow, change pad & covers, crib sheets, safety rail, clothes, toys, it’s a pretty big list.

baby stuff to give away


In the past, I have given away things to friends with new babies, I’ve also donated to organizations and I’ve listed items on used and auction sites. This time I wanted to find the quickest way to have all the items out of my house and hopefully make a little bit of money to help with some of the stuff we will need for our new place.

Then I found out about something called Just Between Friends (JBF.) It’s a seasonal sale that happens twice a year where you can consign your baby and kids items. My favourite part about this is how easy it is! All you have to do is fill out the information about each item you’re consigning on the tags provided on the JBF website. Print out all the tags. Then attach the tags to all the items and drop them off just before the sale, JBF will do everything else for you! When the three day sale is over, you can either pick up any unsold items or they will be donated.

Just Between Friends is actually HUGE in the United States and this location here in Vancouver is the first one in Canada. It’s run by an awesome local mom of two, Yendi Pang. She decided to start this up when she was moving and realized how much baby stuff she need to get rid and how there had to be an easier way. So she started the local JBF so other parents would have a place to give things that their kids have outgrown to a better home and still come out of it with some cash.

The next sale is just around the corner, November 21-23 at the Croation Cultural Centre.

jbf tags

Not only can you consign items, you can also shop the sale for things that you may need now, at a big savings, a total win-win situation in my eyes. So if you have kids items that are just taking up space in your house or you need to do some spring cleaning, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. For more information you can visit their website at JFBSale.com and you can also check them out on FB at Just Between Friends Vancouver.

For updates and info on the sale, make sure you check out the JBF FB page.

*I was not compensated to write this post but I do like to support awesome local moms who have awesome local businesses!

17 thoughts on “What To Do With Outgrown Baby Items

  1. Salma, I’m visiting from the UBC. What a great article on divesting those baby things it’s time to let go of. You might enjoy a book written by my friend Nicole Corning, “The Working Mommy’s Manual”. Thanks for a great piece!

  2. such an awesome idea. brilliant.
    thanks for sharing — I think I just may have to do this in April. Once our reno is complete I am sure I will start unpacking boxes and wonder why I had held onto so many baby things.

    1. Yes, it’s good when you have lots of stuff because you don’t have to take pictures of everything and post it and keep having people come by to see everything.

  3. I am so inpatient and just give most of mine away because I don’t like clutter and when I’m done, I’m done. But…. some of what I give away is actually high value (like bike helmets, shoes, etc.) in really good condition. I really should try this and recover some of our $.

    1. I’ve done that with some stuff too Heather! This way is simpler so I’m going to give it a go and it’ll be nice to have some extra cash.

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