What’s in my ‘Diaper Purse?’

A few months back, I decided it was time to let go of my large diaper bag. It was still in great shape, looked good and was serving me well. But to be honest, I was getting really tired of carrying around such a big bag not to mention it was heavy! Plus, with only one kid in diapers now, I could afford to downsize. I will also admit, that in my pre-baby days, I did love me some purses and I yearned to look for something pretty and not just practical.

So on my birthday, I shopped around and treated my self to a new bag that I like to call a ‘Diaper Purse,’ half diaper bag, half purse and completely gorgeous!

This beautiful bag now works for me on a daily basis when I have the kids with me, which is pretty much always. And you may not believe it, but it’s actually like a Mary Poppins bag. If you’re not sure about that reference, Mary Poppins was a magical nanny in a musical starring Julie Andrews. It was my favorite movie as a young girl and her bag always stuck in my mind.

Even though it may not look like it, my new bag carries almost everything I need for myself as well as my kids. This weekend, when I decided to dump everything out of my bag to clean it out, I was again astonished at how much I could fit into it. Then I thought, I should share with everyone what I keep in my bag! I was inspired by a post by my friend Raj at Pink Chai Style.

So here goes, I hope it’s not TMI.

Along with my wallet and cell phone and a small bottle of hand sanitizer which hangs off the side of my bag, these are all the other items that are regulars in my purse.

In the front pocket I keep: a small hand lotion, the cutest little container of Vaseline which I use for my lips (I’m a bit addicted,) some Scooby Doo and Spiderman bandaids and the kids’ immunization records.

In the back pocket of my purse I keep: a few diapers and a pack of wipes as well as bib for my two-year old for when we go out to eat. I also keep a few toys and books to entertain them if we ever have to wait anywhere along with some snacks because they always seem to be starving as soon as we leave the house. I also carry sunglasses for the kid’s and myself and lastly a small make-up bag.

The small black make-up bag is a bit of a life-saver. It contains blush, eyeliner, bobby pins, safety pins, hair ties, a comb, a small mirror, tylenol, dental floss, a small pair of earrings and ahem some feminine hygiene products.

Until recently, I also carried two pairs of socks in my bag (for whenever we went to a mall play structure) and a small water bottle (but we had a spill so now the water bottle is out.)

So there you have it, my magic ‘Diaper Purse’ that fits everything I need and often more.

What are your must haves in your purse or diaper bag?

14 thoughts on “What’s in my ‘Diaper Purse?’

  1. Gorgeous purse. My requirements are that it’s a big purse. It has to fit my wallet, daytimer, book, sunglass case, pens, cell phone, work badge, feminine products, mirror, lipstick, lipgloss.

    I try not to put any of Aiden’s things into my purse, but somedays when i clean it out, i find rocks, cars, markers, you name it.



  2. i love what’s in my purse posts! i however carry the bare minimum, i think my purse is 10″ x 7″ ? something small that’s for sure…maybe im just in that stage where i dont need to carry much!? i have no idea. lol on the 25cent balls from old navy…they’re such a money grab and we often always have to get one too

    1. Ha ha, that’s so funny that you recognized the Old Navy balls. They keep wanting to get new ones everytime we go to the mall, so now I just keep a few in my purse so everytime they ask, I already have one handy 🙂

  3. I ditched the diaper bag a looong time ago in favour of a large Marc Jacob’s bag- best investment ever! It’s always pretty well stocked with snacks, bandaids, Afterbite, spare mittens and socks- and of course my ever present Iphone!

  4. I LOVE that bag. I honestly miss carrying something super stylish, even though I do have a very nice diaper bag (jujube.) But with TWO kids in cloth, there is just no way I could fit everything in anything else haha.

    1. Thanks Carolyn! Well, my oldest is 4 and my youngest is 2 so it was a while before I was able to get something stylish. Before you know it, cloth diapers will be history and you’ll be shopping for a new purse 🙂

  5. 1 – where is this purse from? I LOVE it and the blue color!
    2 – i thought i was the only person who carried the immunization records lol
    – the one extra thing i carry is little ‘doggie bags’ for dirty stink diapers. just in case i don’t immediately have a garbage can 🙂

    1. Thanks Stephanie, it’s from The Bay!
      Ahh yes, the doggie bags lol. I carry those in the car now but yeah, it might be good to add them back in my purse, thanks for the reminder.

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