Why a Family Vacation Does the Mommy Good

We took our first Spring Break family vacation this past March. We went to an all-inclusive resort for one week in sunny Puerto Vallarta. We had a really great time! The warm temperature, the pools, the beach, the fabulous food, naps and site seeing was all amazing.

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It’s been exactly ten days since we got back from our trip and I am still in such a happy and relaxed state of mind. I would go as far as saying I am feeling very zen.

At first I thought it was just the afterglow of having such a lovely and relaxing vacation. But after 10 days of still feeling this way, I realize that this vacation did so much more for me than I realized.

And now I need to share with you all, Why a Family Vacation Does the Mommy Good.

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Why Moms Need a Good Family Vacation

When I say that a vacation does you good, I mean a relaxing, non stressful vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I love vacations where we are on the go, site-seeing and having new experiences. But don’t you feel that each time you get back from one of those trips, you need another few days of vacation just to recover?

I think that every couple of years, it’s worth trying out an all-inclusive vacation, with just your immediate family, where you really don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to cook, no cleaning, no laundry, no driving to activities, no work, nothing. All you do is play at the beach, the pool, read, take naps, play cards and tennis, eat whenever you want, even room service and do a little site-seeing.

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That’s what the four of us experienced for seven days and it was truly bliss. I didn’t do any work on my computer and just shared a few things about my trip on social media. After the first couple of days, my headaches were gone and I wasn’t feeling exhausted anymore.

I spent quality time with the hubby and kids, watched movies, slept and I had time to think about things. It gave me the ability to really think about the things that were bothering me and what I needed to adjust in my life to feel happier, more focussed and less stressed.

Since I’ve been back, I haven’t yelled at my kids once, not once. I’ve woken up every weekday at 5am to go workout. I’ve made dinner every weeknight. I’ve been able to accomplish my work goals each day and my kitchen is still clean!!

I almost feel like I’m living in a dream and that the bubble will burst soon. And it probably will. Someone will get sick, the kitchen will get messy, I will get behind but that’s okay. This break helped me reset and recharge so that I can deal with everyday things is just a little bit more easily and happily.

That’s why I say, a Family  Vacation Does the Mommy Good!

8 thoughts on “Why a Family Vacation Does the Mommy Good

  1. I love family vacations! It’s especially nice for moms as we don’t have to cook etc, and just relax and enjoy the togetherness just as you said. I would love to visit Mexico with the kids but I was scared of Zika! Maybe next year. Last Jan. we went to Hawaii and it was wonderful to be at the beach. But now it’s not safe for us to travel to the US with everything going on there, so Mexico would definetly be nice!

  2. A true vacation like that is so important! And I am a firm believer in ‘doing nothing’ as being one of the best things to get those creative juices flowing again! Loved your pics and this post!

  3. I’m so glad that you were able to enjoy a stress free vacation with your family! I love how it changed you for the better even AFTER you got home!

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