3 Things Thursday – Week 13

This week for #3ThingsThursday, I am writing from our mini-family vacation in Penticton, BC. Being on vacation for a few days, I’m scaling back on blogging but I wanted to write my weekly post and share with your some of the fun we’ve been having in Penticton as well as some of the other things on my mind.

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1. The Beach
I’m on a mini-getaway with the kids, my parents, aunt and sister in Penticton, in the Okanagan. It’s seriously beautiful here and I don’t think we’ve left the beach much so far. The kids are having an amazing time playing in the water, building sand castles and moats, riding boats on the lake and anything else you can do at the beach. And it’s not to shabby of a time for us adults too 🙂

Penticton Collage 1

PentictonCollage 2

2. Double Trouble
One of my childhood friends started a blog back in January called Double Trouble Twinz. It’s about his perspective of entering fatherhood. I wanted to share it with you because I think it’s a special blog. It’s about one father’s journey after pursuing surrogacy with a clinic in India and finding out they were having twins! Intrigued? Check out more at Double Trouble Twinz.

Double Trouble Twinz

3. Moms 30 for 30
Earlier this year, I joined a 30 day fashion challenge with some other mom bloggers called #moms30for30. It really helped me figure out my style and how to wear my clothes better. It’s also made me step out of the box to wear things I normally wouldn’t. Like these fabulous patterned pants from H&M. Not only did I buy them, I’ve already worn them! Hooray for trying new things!

patterned pants

Those are my three things this week. I’d also love to hear the three things on your mind. All you have to do is grab a badge and link up your post below. Then hop on over to visit my co-hosts, Raj at Pink Chai Living and Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch to find out all about their #3ThingsThursday too.

22 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Week 13

  1. Looks like you are enjoying yourself there Salma. What a great place 🙂 I should manage to post my three things tomorrow too

  2. I’ve only been to BC once – Vancouver – and hope to go back one day. (I could also wish for an H&M store near me – aren’t any.)

  3. Your vacation sounds delightful. How nice to be spending so much time on the beach with the kids and your family relaxing and having old fashioned fun making creations in the sand. That reminds me of beach days with my family when I was a kid. I would love to hear more about the 30 day fashion challenge. That sounds like fun.

  4. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and I’m surprised you took the time to blog when there’s a beach nearby. 🙂

    Those pants are awesome! I cannot wear something like that right now, but when I drop 100 pounds the stores are going to LOVE me! 🙂

    1. I wrote it at night after the kids went to bed Bonnie 🙂 And good luck with your weight loss journey, I know you’ll rock it!

  5. Looks like a lovely break Salma! I can hardly wait until we can hit the road with our kids and get away this summer.

    PS: The printed leggings look great!

    Raj @Pink Chai

  6. I haven’t been on a beach in years 🙁 *sigh*
    I love your H&M pants! Would totally wear that. We’ve been meaning to do the 30 day fashion challenge as well but I keep not being bothered enough to lol

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