Moms 30 for 30 – Week 1

I got through the first seven days of our #moms30for30 fashion challenge. It’s been fun and interesting making outfits from only these 30 pieces. I’ve had to actually get dressed on days that I would normally stay in workout gear. I’ve worn skirts and dresses which I would never wear on a regular day, I would always save them for a special occasion. I’ve even tried using accessories which I never do. It’s been a fun 7 days and here are my ensembles’ so far:

30for30 week 1

Day 7.2
Kyah wanted to show her dress as well on Day 7

I’ve already learned a few things from this challenge:

1. I need to add more colour to my wardrobe.
2. I should be more adventurous when dressing myself in the morning, step out of the box.
3. I don’t have to save things, I bought my clothes for a reason and I should wear them on a daily basis. (Except that super fancy black dress.)

The best part about this challenge is all the moms I’ve been following who are also doing the 30 for 30 Challenge. So many great ladies, tons of amazing outfits and some great chats. You can also join the conversation by following the hashtag #moms30for30 on Instagram and Twitter.

Be sure to check out the other lovely bloggers hosting this challenge with me:

30for30hosts 1

                         Shawna                                  Raj                                  Brooke


30for30hosts 2

                                                Brianna                             Farzana

(For specific details of where I got my items of clothing, click here)

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