3 Things Thursday – Week 27

I’ve written this post a couple of days ahead of time because right now, I am out of town attending my first Canadian blogging conference, Blissdom, in Ontario. I’ll fill you in with all the deets when I get back, but first things first with this week’s 3 Things Thursday.

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1. Beautiful Me Project
Since becoming a mother, I’ve really struggled with my body image. That’s why when I heard about the Beautiful Me Project, I had to share it because it’s something so many women struggle with. What this project is trying to do is raise awareness about the true beauty of women’s bodies after childbirth. “Postpartum bodies are amazing and we shouldn’t be told that we are no longer worthy of positive attention because we have extra weight or skin folds.” We need to realize that we’re not alone in feeling like this and more importantly, we should stop feeling like this.

beautiful me project
Photo Credit: BeautifulMeProject.com


2. Kiddoodle TV
Recently I had the opportunity for a free trial of Kidoodle TV. It’s a basically TV for children. They have lots of different show for kids of all ages and you can watch on your computer, phone or iPad. What’s great is that there’s a parental code to be able to get in and watch, you can block out shows you don’t want them watching and best of all, you can set a timer! So if you only want your child to watch 20 minutes, set the time and once it’s up they aren’t able to watch anymore unless you extend the time with your code. Pretty cool right? You can get your free 14-day trial here.

Photo Credit: KidoodleTV
Photo Credit: KidoodleTV

3. Saving Dinner
Just recently I started meal planning again to make dinner time less chaotic in our house. Then I was contacted by  SavingDinner.com to try out their premium meal planner and of course I said yes! I can’t wait to get started because not only does it keep giving you new recipe ideas, it lets you make your meal plan and a shopping list all in one place. Once I try it out, I’m going to let you know how it worked out for us and I’m going to be giving about one 3-month premium meal planning subscription away to one of you. So stay tuned for that!

saving dinner


Those are my 3 Things Thursday this week and now it’s your turn. Write a blog post about the three things that are on your mind this week. Grab a badge and link up below. Make sure to link back to me at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living or Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch. It’s a fun way to share what’s happing in your week and make some new friends. 

16 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Week 27

  1. I love reading your, “3 Things Thursday” posts. Always fun. I especially can’t wait to hear about your blogging conference. I can’t imagine what they’re all about, so … hurry back and stay safe!

    1. I did learn a lot, was inspired and i won’t lie, there were some tears. I’m glad I went and it would be great to connect with you IRL. Maybe next year!

  2. Hi Salma
    Great to keep in touch with you from a distance! I’ve been enjoying your blog – such fun!

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