4 Fun Summer Crafts for #Craft Friday

My kids really enjoy doing crafts, experiments and actives and really so do I. I’ll admit that I’m not the best crafter, but I think that as long as we have fun, that’s what really matters right?

4 Fun summer crafts photoSo the summer, the kids and I implemented a #CraftFriday to ensure that we get to do a new, fun craft every week. It’s been a big success and now the kids look forward to it every week! Since we are enjoying them so much, I thought I’d share my monthly crafts with all of you as well.

Here are 4 Fun Summer Crafts we did in the month of July.

1. Macaroni Cat Necklace
We started with this really cute Macaroni Cat Necklaces. When painting is 
involved and you get to wear what you make, it’s going to be a hit.

Photo Source: PBS.org
Photo Source: PBS.org

2. DIY Light Saber
For anyone with Star Wars fans in the house, you have to try this DIY Light Saber Craft. It’s very simple. It’s also really safe because they are made of pool noodles. 

DIY Light Saber #CraftFriday

3. Easy Aquarium Craft
If your kids want a fish or a small pet but you don’t think they are ready, then try this easy Aquarium Craft. The kids get to use their imaginations and make a wonderful home for a cute little toy sea animal that they can take care off all on their own. No cleaning required. 

Aquarium finished

4. Marble Race Track
This was probably the most fun craft. With just a pool noodle and some marbles, the kids had tons of fun racing their marbles how the track!

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4 thoughts on “4 Fun Summer Crafts for #Craft Friday

  1. I used to do a lot of macaroni art with my son when he was young. You have an excellent imagination – wish I had the Internet when I was a younger mom!

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