6 Back-To-School Lunch Ideas That are not Sandwiches

September is the signal for back-to-school. In our house it’ll be the first year that I will need school lunch ideas because my oldest is starting kindergarten. For the main part, I know what my kids like to eat.  Keyan will eat sandwiches like grilled cheese, PB&J and egg salad. But I try to keep things different and interesting so that lunch boxes don’t come home only half eaten. So that’s why I’ve come up with these school lunch ideas that are not sandwiches and that the kids will love. 

School Lunch Ideas - that are not sandwiches

School Lunch Ideas that are not Sandwiches

1. Banana Roll-Ups
These wraps are so delicious and healthy. The perfect combo for your kids. They’re also simple to make and the kids will love them.


2. Build Your Own Pizza – Who doesn’t love pizza? Pack an english muffin and then in separate containers or compartments have some pizza sauce (a spoon to spread it with), a couple of their favourite ingredients liked cooked chicken and mushrooms and of course some shredded cheese. Let lunch be a time for your children to create their own masterpiece that they can eat. And if there’s a microwave close by, they can warm it up and melt the cheese.

English Muffin Pizza - school lunch ideas

3. Easy French Toast – We eat breakfast for dinner so why not breakfast for lunch. This super easy french toast recipe will have your kids gobbling down their lunch! And don’t stop at french toast. What about leftover waffles or pancakes for lunch as well?

easy french toast - school lunch ideas

4. Lemon Garlic Chicken Strips
Another one not my school lunch ideas is this; Instead of
regular chicken strips, try this 4 recipe lemon garlic chicken for dinner. Cut a little extra chicken into strips as well. Marinate and cook with dinner and then pack them for your child’s lunch the next day. Dinner and lunch in one in a win-win!


5. Lunch Sundae
Kids love helping to make their own food so this sundae is perfect for lunch. Pack their favourite yogurt and then give them options like berries, nuts, dried fruit and granola to create their own lunch sundae! Don’t forget to give them a spoon 🙂

6. Baked Pancakes
If your kid’s love pancakes but there is not time to make them on weekdays, try this little hack, bake your pancakes instead. It’s a huge time saver and it’s perfect for the kid’s lunchbox. Sweeten them with chocolate chips or berries and you won’t even need to send syrup!

Easy Sheet Pancakes Recipe

Hopefully these simple and tasty sandwich alternatives will help your back-to-school lunching making process, a little bit easier. And these ideas work not only for the kids but for any adults who take a packed lunch as well!

For more school lunch ideas, check this Pinterest Board.

What’s your child’s favourite packed lunch?

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  1. Hi Salma,

    I love these 5 back to school lunch ideas. You are making me wish I was back in school. I especially took notice of the lemon garlic chicken strips. Yummy! Thanks for sharing.

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