5 Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

This year, Keyan is turning 6. This year I’ve decided to celebrate a little differently. Usually we have big parties at home but now that he’s going to be six, we’ve decided to do a smaller party, out of the house. He’s going to pick ten friends to celebrate with. We will do a dinner and cake with immediate family at home, but the friends party will be somewhere else. The big question is, where?

kids birthday party ideas

Keyan and I have been researching different ideas and we’ve narrowed it down to 5 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Kids.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

1. Bricks 4 Kidz
Keyan LOVES Lego so a Bricks 4 Kidz birthday party seems like a good option. You get to build your own mini-figures plus some great motorized model and other Lego games.

2. 4Cats Art Studio
Keyan had so much fun when we went to build clay penguins at 4Cats a few months back that he is itching to go back again! They have great birthday party options for kids including a Star Wars figure one that I know Keyan would love!

4cats birthday party

3. Gymnastics Party
With his preschool last year, Keyan took a field trip to Club Aviva. I went with him and he had a ton of fun. Since that day, he’s asked me to enrol him into a gymnastics class. If he likes it that much, it might be a good option for a birthday party as well.

4. TumbleBus
Some friends recommended the TumbleBus as a fun birthday party idea. It’s a gym on wheels filled with fun equipment like a zipline, monkey bars, balance beam, trampoline, rings, rockwall, slide, swing and more. Definitely worth looking into.

Photo Source: WestCoastFamilies.com

5.  Clever Cupcakes
We recently went to a birthday party at a cute little bakery. The kids got to go in the back, learn all about making cupcakes, decorate their own cupcakes and then have a little tea party, it was a lot of fun!

So many great options for birthday parties for kids and Keyan just has to pick what he really wants. I’ll be sure to let you know what his choice was.

What kind of parties do your kids love? 

12 thoughts on “5 Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

  1. Well, I now have grandkids, and I love some of these ideas! I’ll have to share this blog post with my daughter, who has two precious little girls. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. I’d have to say that the top out-of-the-home party spots for my boys would be the local trampoline place, or some form of laser tag. Of the two, I much prefer the trampolines: less of a violent message, and LOTS of ways to burn off energy for cake and ice cream charged up kids!

    Your choices look like fun as well! (although I’d have to visit you in Vancouver to have a party at those places!)

  3. We held Brooklynn’s last b-day party at Michaels Craft store. We brought the food and the craft stuff, they provided the room and a staff member to help! It was great and really reasonable at only $50!

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