5 Board Games for Preschoolers

Our kids are growing up in the generation of technology where everything is on tablets or phones or is electronic. Board games may seem a little old school, but it’s a great way to play with your kids, teach them about rules and fairness, have family time and most importantly, it’s an easy way to have some fun! We have lots of board games in our house from the classics to the new stuff. Here the top 5 Board Games for Preschoolers that you can play together.

5 Board games for preschoolers

5 Board Games for Preschoolers to Play

1. Candy Land
This is a classic board game that’s been played by kids since it was first put out by Hasbro in 1949. It a simple spin the wheel and move your character to that colour. First person to the end end win! The game says it’s ages 3+ and it’s definitely easy for a three-year old to play along.

 5 board games for preschoolers - candy land
2. Jenga

I really enjoy playing Jenga and now so do my kids. It’s basically a game of skill and fun! It actually helps kids with their motor skills as they carefully try to take a piece from the middle and put it on top. And if they’re not successful, there are lots of laughs and excitement when the tower falls down. Even though the game says ages 6+, we’ve been playing it with the kids since they were three. And if you want to buy a mini version, they sell it at Dollarama for $2, perfect for travelling.

 5 board games for preschoolers - Jenga
3. Brown Bear – What Do You See?

Most of us know this as a book our children love. But it’s actually a board game as well. The game takes the words and photos our kids love and puts them into a game of memory and matching. Both my three and five-year old enjoy playing it and they can even play it together without me, a good way to keep them occupied if you need to do something.

 5 board games for preschoolers - brown bear
4. Monopoly Junior

Who doesn’t know Monopoly? The junior version simplifies the details. It takes properties and makes them into carnival games and attractions, while houses and hotels become ticket booths. The money is in smaller values so it’s easier for kids to keep track themselves. A classic game that’s lots of fun to play.

Board games for preschoolers - monopoly


5. Cranium Cariboo Island

This is a treasure hunt game that’s designed for young kids and it helps them learn letters, numbers, shapes and colours while having fun! They will explore the golden island of Cariboo, looking for coins to help them unlock the treasure chest. This game says ages 3+ and it has options for advanced ways to play when your kids get older.

 5 board games for preschoolers - cariboo island

Those are just 5 board games for preschoolers that we like. What are the board games that are played the most often in your house?

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11 thoughts on “5 Board Games for Preschoolers

  1. “Go Away, Monster!” is a must. It was our kids’ first game. Basically, there is a bag of pieces that depict cute little monsters and bedroom furniture. Each player has a little bedroom in front of themselves. Each player takes a turn reaching in for a piece – if they get say, a bed, they can put it in their room. If they already have a bed, they give it to someone else. If they get a monster they shout “go away monster!” and throw it in the box. Lots of laughs ensue! Our daughter was playing when she was 2. It teaches sharing and turn taking and helps kids learn to be brave .. And it’s pretty fun for adults too! 🙂

  2. My 2.5 year old has a wonderful time playing this in beginner mode for cranium cariboo island. I also got excited watching her demonstrate how well she knew her numbers, letters, shapes and colours. The concept of the game has just the right amount of complexity to keep her (and me) interested, but is simple enough that she knows exactly how it works and it doesn’t require ongoing guidance or coaching every time. I like that it has a harder level – though I expect it will have to get put away for a while to make it interesting again once her interest wanes at the easy level.

  3. I highly second Go Away Monster. We got it for Iliyan when he was 3 and he picked it up right away. Now we play it with Jasmin and she is 2. They love that game and we do too since we can play together as a whole family despite the age differences.

  4. We have a few, but my son’s current favourite is Loopin’ Louie, which is a mechanical game. For quiet games, he’s really into Go Fish and checkers.

  5. I am kind of sorry that you missed out on Sorry! Not only did it help our daughter learn numbers, but it was good for her to learn how to count as well.

    Another good suggestion is UNO – I know it isn’t a board game, but our four year old was really good at it. She usually beat the rest of us.

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