5 Quick and Easy Meals | 5 Ingredient Dinners

On Sunday’s I usually make a weekly meal plan. I do this because I find it useful to know what I will be preparing ahead of time and it makes grocery shopping a lot easier. Plus, I like to make quick and easy meals, especially on weeknights, especially those nights when the kids have activities.

I actually have a list of 5 ingredient dinners that I often fall back on when I don’t know what to make and they definitely fall in the the ‘quick and easy meals’ category. Five ingredients also means that you don’t need lots of groceries.  These recipes are quick and simple to make and best of all, they are kid-approved. 

Quick & Easy Meals | 5 Ingredient Dinners

Quick and Easy Meals that are 5 Ingredient Dinners (or less)

1. Homemade Chicken Strips – There aren’t too many kids that don’t like chicken strips. This homemade chicken strips recipe definitely falls under the super quick and easy meals category,  plus the strips are healthy. Once they are coated, bake them for 20 minutes and serve with your favourite dipping sauces. They are also perfect for school lunches.

Quick & Easy Meals | 5 Ingredient Dinners

2. Seasoned Tilapia – We try and eat seafood at least once a week. This recipe for tilapia is sooo easy! You only need three ingredients, for real. It’s also super tasty. My kids always ask for seconds. The first time I made it, I got compliments from everyone!

Quick & Easy Meals | 5 Ingredient Dinners - Seasoned Tilapia recipe

3. One Pot Mac N’ Cheese – I recently discovered this recipe via Pinterest when I was looking for gluten-free recipes for the hubby. Now it’s in regular rotation in our dinner meal plans. Sometimes, I even make it for lunch when I am short on groceries or ideas. If you can believe it, you make it all in one pot! That means you don’t even have to strain the pasta. Just use a good cheddar to ensure the creamy texture. 

Quick & Easy Meals | 5 Ingredient Dinners
Photo Source: Flippindelicious.com

4. Lemon Garlic Chicken – This chicken recipe has been a favourite for the whole family for years! We not only use it on chicken, we also make it with shrimps. It’s so easy that you blend all the ingredients to make the marinade, pour it all over the chicken and bake. It’s ready in 20 minutes to serve with your favourite side dish.

Quick and Easy Meals

5. Salt & Pepper Shrimp – This super simple recipe is now our favourite shrimp dish. Serve it with rice and vegetables to complete the meal. 

Quick & Easy Meals | 5 Ingredient Dinners
Photo Source: SweetCDesigns.com

Those are a few of my go-to, quick and easy meals. I love that they are 5 ingredient dinners, some with even less!

I’m sure if you try these out, you will love them! Hopefully they will help you out when you just don’t know what to make for dinner. 

6 thoughts on “5 Quick and Easy Meals | 5 Ingredient Dinners

  1. I use a lot of these recipes. I’m all for the organization of lists, and like the simplicity of creating a meal with the minimum of fuss. The pasta idea is new to me though.

  2. I checked out a couple of the recipes and pinned the gluten free mac and cheese. Wish I had had that recipe about 15 years ago. Five ingredient recipes – healthy and easy.

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