5 Favourite Things (2)

I had fun sharing some of my favourite things a couple weeks back and now I have more, so I thought I’d do a part two of 5 Favourite Things, the things I’m loving at this moment.



1.  Double Strand Choker
I used to love chokers back in the day and I’ve been seeing more of them around lately. I really love this thin double strand choker and may have to pick one up.

2. Cat Head Wrap
Earlier this week, the kids and I went to Children’s Place to spend our place cash and we saw the cutest head wrap. I had to pick it up for Kyah. She looks seriously adorable in it and it’ll keep her ears warm in the fall.

3. Poang Chair
I have coveted a Poang Chair from Ikea for a REALLY long time! In August I finally decided that I would just go and get it. I was creating a little reading/working area in the corner of my bedroom (where I’m writing in right now) and the chair would be a perfect fit. There are lots of different styles and colors. I opted for black on dark brown. And I love it, it’s comfy and looks great.

4. Clary Calm Roller
I’ve been using essential oils for just under a year now. One that I really like is Clary Calm. It’s a blend of oils that helps with balancing hormones and helping deal with the symptoms of PMS. I don’t use it all the time, but during that time of the month, when I feel a little more ragey, (I don’t think that’s a real word,) it really helps me calm down. I roll it on the back of my neck. If I’m having cramps, then I will rub some on my stomach as well.

5. Foam Roller
In the summer, I won 12 personal training sessions from Burke Mountain Personal Training. It’s been really great so far and one of the things we’ve been using at the end of our sessions when we are stretching are these foam rollers. They work really great and I’m thinking about investing in one. 

What are some of your favourite things right now?

5 thoughts on “5 Favourite Things (2)

  1. We have the Poang chair as well. It’s a replacement for a chair we had in Florida but couldn’t transport to Chicago. Not as comfy but a great piece in our living room! We bought the ottoman extension as well and love having something to prop our feet up on!

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