5 Ways to Exercise as a Family

Regular exercise has been a part of my life for a long time. Whether is was roller blading with my siblings, taking tennis lessons, doing classes at the gym or even going for a walk with the kids in the stroller, it’s always been a constant. I also want my kids to know that exercising is important to stay healthy and strong and it actually makes me a better mom. But it doesn’t always have to be a solo activity. Have you every thought about trying to exercise as a family?

We do so many other things as a family, like eating dinner together, playing board games, reading and going to the movies. So why not exercise as a family as well?  It’ll get your kids into the thought process that keeping active is a regular part of life and it also gives you more quality time to spend together, a definitely win-win situation.

Here are 5 Fun Ways to Exercise as a Family:

5 Ways to Exercise as a Family

Ways to Exercise as a Family:

1. Adventure Walk
Find a simple trail around your neighbourhood and set up a schedule for weekly walks, whether it’s after school or after dinner. Make it fun by doing a scavenger hunt along the way or taking some duck food to feed the ducks by the pond. It’s be a fun way to spend time together as well as to exercise as a family.

5 Ways to Exercise as a family

2. Dance Party
If you all love music, make a playlist of all your families favourite songs and then plan a party…a dance party! It’ll be so much for everyone to let loose and dance up a storm. It’ll not only be a lot of fun, it’ll be great exercise for everyone.

3. Family Yoga
Practice yoga as a family. You may think it’ll be too hard with young kids because of their short attention spans, but if you try videos like Cosmic Kids Yoga, which are 20 minute yoga videos told with a story, it will keep your kids engaged. We started it recently and my kids (and I) love it! I just adjust the movements to make it more challenging for myself.

5 Ways to Exercise as a family

4. Sports Night
Games night is lots of fun for everyone. How about replacing one of those games night with a sports night? Choose a fun and easy sport like soccer that you can play in the backyard, street hockey in your driveway or biking around the neighbourhood, and make a family affair of it.

5 Ways to Exercise as a family

5. Video Games
When you think of video games, you probably see someone sitting in front of a screen, not very active. But there are lots of interactive games out there that are fun and very interactive. In our house, we like Wii Sports and Dance Dance Revolution.

Incorporating these and other activities regularly into your week will keep everyone healthy and happy as you exercise as a family. What is your favourite way to stay active as a family?

9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Exercise as a Family

  1. I applaud you for keeping your children on the move. Too many families don’t. These are all great suggestions, especially the family sports night and the family yoga.

  2. It’s usually not difficult to get the littles moving–they are usually moving all the time! But they do love to do things with mom and dad, too, so getting mine outside for a nature walk or a bike ride with me is an easy sell! Great ideas!

  3. What a great post! When you consider all the news about the rampant and increasing rates of obesity among children, it’s especially important to encourage regular exercise for the whole family!

    I think some of the saddest sights I’ve seen are obese parents AND children at ice cream stands and fast food restaurants, gorging themselves. Parents really need to be role models- in all areas of life!

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