6 Reasons to Exercise (Other Than Losing Weight)

Exercise is a regular part of my life. I head to the gym in the morning, 3-5 days a week, before the kids get up. That’s my time. Exercise does so much for me, not just physically, but mentally as well. I believe that it actually makes me a Better Mom. I think it’s so important to find a physical activity that you enjoy and make it a part of your life. There are so many good reasons to exercise that will benefit you, other than losing weight.

6 Reasons to Exercise (Other than losing weight)

6 Really Good Reasons to Exercise

1. Endorphins
When you become a regular exerciser, you’ll notice that you’re actually excited to exercise. The reason for that is you are probably looking forward to that feeling you have after you workout! You feel happy and excited, those are the endorphins that kick in when you workout. Exercise is also known to help with your mood, stress, depression, SAD and anxiety.

2. Energy Boost
I’m usually out of breath and exhausted right after a workout that I’ve given a 100% too. But really, right after that, I am full of energy, ready to tackle the day. That’s what exercise does for you! So whether you choose to start off your day with a workout or even try and squeeze in some jumping jacks and burpees in the afternoon when you’re starting to feel tired, it’s give you the energy boost you need.

3. Heart Health
Exercising actually makes your heart pump faster and increases your heart rate. Since the heart is a muscle, exercising makes it stronger and healthier and reduces the risk of heart  disease.

6 Reasons to Exercise (Other than losing weight)

4. Be a Role Model
Another one of the good reasons to exercise is you are being a role model to your kids. When your children see you working out on a regular basis and making it a part of your life, there is a better chance that exercise and being active will be a part of their lives as well.

5. Build Confidence
Exercise also builds your confidence. When you’re regularly working out, you’re happier, you’re healthier and you feel better about your self over all.  Put that all together and you are feeling and putting out into the world, a more confident person.

6. Sleep Better
If you want better ZZZZ’s, it’s been shown that there is a correlation between regular exercise and getting better sleep.  According to sleep.org there is definitely a connection between the two. More good reasons to exercise! If you struggle with getting a good nights sleep, here are some tips that will really help!

6 Reasons to Exercise (Other than losing weight)

Those are just a few reasons to exercise other than worrying about the number on the scale. When it comes down to it, anytime of activity that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up will benefit you. So If you are looking for more reasons to exercise, you found them.

PS. Apparently exercise helps with your sex life too!

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10 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Exercise (Other Than Losing Weight)

  1. Very uplifting! It’s not always just about losing weight (for me, partially). I’ve started going to the gym this year, and hopefully I’ll continue going regularly. I’m trying to build my stamina, and feel healthier in my own skin ?

  2. Every single thing you have written about exercise in this article is true. Really encouraging words and thank you for that.

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