6 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer for Free!

There is no denying it, Summer is here!  The temperatures are soaring and we are in a heat wave. The temperatures are in the 30 degrees Celsius range, (that’s almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and they are just going up! Sometimes, when the heat gets too much you need to find ways to beat the heat and have fun. Here are 6 Ways to Beat the Heat with the Kids Summer and they are all free!

6 Ways to beat the heat for free

6 Ways to Beat the Heat for Free

1. Head to the Beach
Whether it’s a 10-minute drive from your house or a one-hour road trip, on the next hot day, pack up some lunch, water, sunscreen and water toys and head on over to your local beach. It’s free and tons of fun. You can play in the water, build sandcastles or just play games on your picnic blanket. Another bonus is that when you are near the water, the temperature is a few degrees lower and you’re more likely to catch the breeze. 

Beat the heat - Beach

2. Local Library
If you need a break from the outdoors to beat the heat, take a trip to your local library. Firstly, it’s air-conditioned. Secondly, there are so many great books to pick out and read together. A lot of libraries also have great programs over the summer like, story times and summer reading, so make sure to checkout the website for a library close to you. It might even be nice to make it a weekly activity over the summer to get your kids reading more and get some relief from the hot sun.

Beat the heat - library

3. Outdoor Wading Pools/Spray Parks
Most cities have free wading pools and spray parks for families to visit. Water is a great way to cool down and spray parks are so fun, plus you don’t need life jackets. Head to your cities local website for a list of all the parks and outdoor wading pools for their hours of operation. Your kids will thank you. 

beat the heat - spray park

4. Mall Play Area
The mall is also a great way to get inside and away from the hot summer weather. It’s another air-conditioned place that has lots of fun stuff to do. Most malls also have a fun play area or structure that kids can enjoy during mall hours. Just make sure to remember to pack their socks in your purse because they will need it to play. 

5. Homemade Slurpees and Popsicles
Sometimes a cold drink or popsicle can do just the trick to cool you down. Try this Homemade Juice Slurpee recipe and this Watermelon Popsicle Recipe. They are super easy, very delicious and COLD, so it’ll totally do the trick on a hot day.

beat the heat - slurpees

6. Run Through the Sprinkler
And last the last way to beat the heat for free: Doesn’t running through the sprinkler remind you of when you were young? I love this timeless and fun summer activity. The kids (and adults) will have so much fun running around in the water and a cool down in the process as well. 

What is your favourite way to beat the heat when the temperatures get too hot?

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  1. I’m on Southern California – we hit 105 here in June, which is unusual. Love the homemade slurpee recipe. Will have to do this with my granddaughters. Eydie 🙂

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