Being Prepared For Your First Time Snowshoeing

I always say I’m not really a winter weather person. Yet, when I think about it, we lived in Winnipeg for six years, through many harsh winters. I’m also the first to bundle the kids up to take them out sledding, for a walk in the snow and even snow painting.

Recently, the opportunity came up to join a group of bloggers to go snowshoeing at night on Cypress Mountain. It sounded like a fun new adventure, so I said yes! I had never done it before, so I did a little research to make sure I was prepared. Here are somethings to keep in mind.

tips on Being Prepared for your first time snow shoeing

Being Prepared For Your First Time Snowshoeing

1. Dress in layers – Even though it maybe really cold outside, as you start your walk, it’ll get warmer. If you’re wearing layers, it’ll be easier to take some of them off.

2. Wear snow pants – Snow, ski or waterproof pants are a must. You will fall, go off roading or even decided to slide! Wearing the appropriate gear will help. This includes a winter jacket, ski gloves and a toque.

3. Boots – You’ll need good winter or hiking boots to wear. It’ll keep your feet warm and make it easier to use the snow shoes. At cypress they had these great cover boots you could wear over your own before putting on your snow shoes. 

3. Water – Bring a water bottle with you. Snowshoeing is fun, but it’s also exercise. You’ll need water to stay hydrated

4. Snack – You might think, I’m only going for a short period of time but take a small snack anyway. Something easy to grab and eat and something that will give you energy for your adventure.

5. Camera – Whether you decide to use a camera or your phone, you will want to document your excursion as well as the beauty of the mountains and snow.

And of course the last thing is, go with an open mind and have fun! That’s what I did when I went with a group of the Healthy Family Expo blog amasaddors and we had such a great time, not to mention that I added more than 3500 steps to my daily total! The group leaders from Cypress Mountain, gave us great instructions, kept us safe and were well informed as they told us about the history and beauty around us during out walk.

I’m really glad I tried something new and here are some photos from our adventure.

Snowshoeing with Raincity Parent
Getting mentally prepared for snowshoeing with Kelly from Raincity Parent
Learning the rules, courtesys and precautions before heading out.
Learning the rules, courtesy’s and precautions before heading out.
On our way, headlamps on!
On our way, headlamps on!
Group Shot!
Group Shot!

What is your favourite winter sport or activity?


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