Celebrating 3 Years in the Blogging World

This week I celebrate 3 years in the blogging world, my blogiversary. Three years, I can’t believe it! In a good way of course. It’s been quite a journey. 

Celebrating my Blogiversary

I started out with a site called Real Life For Mom that was hosted on blogger. Then I decided that if I wanted to be taken seriously as a blogger, I would need to have a self-hosted site. I  thought long and hard for the right name (that wasn’t already taken, which is pretty hard to do.)

The Write Balance seemed to sum it up so well. I was a mom, on a journey to find balance as a mother and a woman and I was doing it through writing, something I loved but had forgotten about for some time. 

Four years later, thanks to all of you, The Write Balance is still going strong. I write five times a week. I have encouragement from family, friends and even those I have never met IRL, but  through the wide scope of the internet and the blogosphere. I am able to keep in touch and share not only here, but also through my favourite social media channels, FB, Instagram and Twitter

It really is a passion for me and I love the process of sitting down and writing. It’s my favourite when I share something that really impacts people or just helps them out

When I realized my blogiversary was coming up, I thought, how can I celebrate? I decided that this year, it would be by refreshing my much loved header. It was made by a very talented mother and graphic artist. The I told her her I want to update the banner, since we were all a few years older (and of course wiser,) And she knew exactly what to do.

New The Write Balance logo 2015I love it and I’m so excited to see what this next year of blogging holds in store.

11 thoughts on “Celebrating 3 Years in the Blogging World

  1. Congratulation!! I love the change your mom have done. Now it’s all look like real (and in action) Happy Blogiversary! Can’t wait for the next and next and then next.. 😀

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