#ClosetShuffle The Outfits & The Lessons

In December, I embarked on a 30 Day Closet Shuffle Challenge. The basic premise was that for each of the 30 days, I would wear something different from my wardrobe, in essence, shopping my closet.

The reason I wanted to do this was to get my closet more organized, get rid of things I’d been saving but never actually wear and not shop outside my closet for the month. The challenge ended on December 31, but life has been a bit busy so far in 2015 so now I’m finally getting around to sharing how the challenge went.

I really enjoyed the closet shuffle. It forced me to think about and lay out my outfit the night before. I got to wear clothing that I bought but were just sitting in my closet. I also got to make a pile of clothes to donate because by wearing them, I figured out that they don’t fit anymore or that I didn’t love how they looked on me.

#closetshuffle photo

I also came up with lots of different outfits, some that I probably wouldn’t have ever worn or thought of if I hadn’t been forced to try a different article of clothing everyday for thirty days. 

Here are some of the looks I came up with: 

CS Day 3-6

Day 18-20

#ClosetShuffle Days 11-13 Had some guests in my selfies

CS Day 1-3

If you are looking to organize your closet and go through your clothes, I definitely recommend a #closetshuffle, it worked really well for me. 

3 thoughts on “#ClosetShuffle The Outfits & The Lessons

  1. think I might be your “real mother”! This last week, I weeded out my closet, again. Just did it in September. I am over the top crazy about my closet (and Mr. Cute Guy’s too). Our dresser drawers are sorted by colour, style such as tee shirts, short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless etc. And I believe a local charity that accepts donations of gently used clothing has me on their speed dial. I worked for years in retail and know that if you can’t look through a rack you won’t buy anything – same goes for a closet. My hanging clothes are also hung up by colour and when I wear something, once it is clean I turn its hanger around the other way so I know what is getting used and what is not. Every six months the ones with the hangers telling me I didn’t wear it, goes. This goes for anything I try on and discard too, anything that hangs in the closet with the sale tags on them and definitely anything that doesn’t fit. I used to have four sizes of jeans in my closet and over the last year I lost 35 pounds so now the only size jeans I have are size 9! PS Even though my name is Barb, they call me Lana – that is Anal spelled backwards! Cheers – great blog

  2. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! I have a lot of clothes in my closet that I just don’t seem to wear more than once or twice. It would make a lot of sense for me to try a closet challenge!

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