Using Your Wardbrobe #ClosetShuffle

I admit, I have a lot of clothes. It comes from my love of shopping and the fact that I have a hard time passing up a good deal. It’s been that way for a while. My first job was in retail and my love of shopping just kind of grew from there.

Over the years, I try and go through my closet to take out and donate stuff that doesn’t fit or that I haven’t worn in a while. But I still feel that I don’t use all of my clothes. I’ve participated in a couple of #Moms30for30 closet challenges which helped me figure out my style a little more,  create more outfits with one item of clothing and accesorize more.

moms 30 collage
Here I styled one pair of leggings four different ways for #moms30for30

But I was still limited to only 30 pieces of clothing. I started thinking about it and came up with a another idea that I’m starting on December 1. Instead of limiting myself to 30, this time, only the closet is the limit. The challenge will be to wear something different every single day. If you end up repeating a shirt, it has to be with a different pair of pants. If you wear a pair of yoga pants more than once, it has to be with a different top.

The hope is that by the end of the month, I’ll have made it through most of my clothing, see if they work for me or not anymore and have my closet whittled down and cleaned out for the start of the year. I should also have a bunch of new outfits to wear that I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to trying.

my closet 1

I’m actually very excited about this challenge especially because Sassy Motherhood will be joining in the fun! Make sure to follow her on Instagram  for her daily outfits as she works her way through her enormous closet…and I mean it is big!

We’d also love it if any of you would like to join along. Just follow the hashtag #ClosetShuffle and follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I’ll be sharing. Let us know that you’re joining in and we’ll make sure to follow you back so we can all do the challenge together. You can post your outfits each day or just whenever you have the time, there is no pressure. The main goal is wear a new ensemble each day and make the most of the clothes we already have. And remember to use #ClosetShuffle so we can find you!

I hope you join in and good luck!

6 thoughts on “Using Your Wardbrobe #ClosetShuffle

  1. super idea Salma;) I will hashtag #closetshuffle with some photos. I have been so busy kind of let my blog on hold . But will be back soon.

  2. This is a great idea. I doubt I’ll participate fully, since I don’t even leave my house a couple days during the week, but I think it could help tremendously with getting through clothing that we forget about.

  3. Sounds like this challenge is going to be fun for you! I wish I could join, but the truth is that I just don’t have enough clothes to participate! I’m still wearing clothing I bought 20 years ago! LOL

  4. It sounds like a fun challenge for you. I don’t own enough to wear something different for 30 days! That’s really the truth! I just have a small wardrobe of clothes because I just don’t want that much. 🙂

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