Easy Sensory Glitter Jar

For Kyah’s 7 birthday, she decided she wanted to make a Sensory Glitter Jar with all her friends for her birthday party. She had seen it at made at school and loved it. I did a little research and found out, that a sensory glitter jar is not only a fun and easy craft, it’s also a great way to help children calm down and self regulate.

It’s actually a pretty easy craft and you only need a few supplies. We really enjoyed making it, so I thought I’d share with with you!

Sensory Glitter Jar

Sensory Glitter Jar

Sensory Glitter Jar Supplies

– one mason jar with tight lid or a wide mouth water bottle
– clear glue
– glitter (your choice of color or colors)
– food coloring (optional)

Sensory Glitter Jar Instructions

1. Fill just under half of your mason jar with clear glue (The more glue you use in it, the slower the glitter falls when you shake it.)

2. Add in two teaspoons of your favourite glitter. (We also found some little stars at the crafts store and added those.)

3. If you’re using food coloring, add one drop of food coloring to the jar.

4 Fill the rest of the jar with water.

5. Tightly secure the lid. Then shake the jar until everything is completely distributed and mixed in. And that’s it, you’re done. It’s really that’s easy to make a sensory glitter jar. Kids will love shaking it and just watching the glitter slowly come down.

Sensory Glitter Jar


And remember, these jar are also great for helping kids calm down if they are feeling overwhelmed and for self regulating.

Have fun creating!

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