12 Family Birthday Party Ideas that are Experiences

When it comes to family birthday party ideas, we used to always go out to dinner together. Whether if was my mom’s birthday or my brothers or the hubby’s, we’d pick a place and go for dinner together.

Now don’t get me wrong, dinner is really nice and we all have to eat. However, what we’ve been doing for the last year or so is, instead of buying gifts or just going out to dinner, we’ve been having birthday experiences!

For example, for my  mom’s birthday this year we had a family painting party. For my brother’s we got a mobile spa at home after dinner, for another birthday we went rock climbing. There are endless family birthday party ideas and they can be so fun and by making them birthday experience celebrations, they will always be remembered.

Family Birthday Party Ideas that are experiences

Today I thought I would share a few of our favourite family birthday party ideas that are experiences and that are good for all ages, so even the kids can join in the fun!

12 Family Birthday Party Ideas that are Experiences 

1. Painting Party
We’ve done this one a couple of times already as it’s always a good time for everyone. Our favourite place is 4Cats Art Studio. We get the whole space for our family for a private art/painting class.  The instructor walks us through the painting step by step and we come home with a beautiful piece and memory of the birthday.

Family Birthday Party Ideas - Painting Birthday Party

2. Mobile Spa
For my brother’s birthday we had dinner at home and then had a mobile spa come over to give some at-home treatments. There is everything from mani’s and pedi’s to massages. It was a treat for the birthday boy and everyone else, including the kiddos.

Family Birthday Party Ideas - My brother getting pampered on his birthday
My brother getting pampered on his birthday

3. Bike Ride
For a summer birthday, renting bikes as a family, even tandem bikes would make for an active and and unique birthday celebration.

4. Private Yoga Lesson
What we wanted to do for my brother was a private, family yoga session. But we decided too late and couldn’t book anyone on such short notice. So this is on the list for another family birthday. On our family reunion to Mexico last June, we had a private yoga lesson on the beach. It was great, and more affordable than you’d think.

Family Birthday Party Ideas - private yoga lessons

5. Horse Races
This is something I haven’t done yet as a family birthday experience. The hubby and I went once a long time ago and it was a great time. I can only imagine how fun it would be for a family birthday. In your area, you’ll have to check the race track to see if kids are allowed as each place has different rules.

6. Bowling
Bowling is fun for all ages, not just kid’s birthday parties. We did this for my aunt’s 68th birthday and it was a ton of fun!

Family Birthday Party Ideas - bowling

7. Karaoke
We did karaoke for my mom’s birthday a few years ago and it was quite the spectacle. Half  of our family had never done karaoke before, even the birthday girl, so it was definitely a memorable birthday.

8. Private Dance Lesson
Dance studio’s offer private dance lessons so why not book a private group dance lesson? There are so many different studios and dances to choose from and what a fun birthday party would that be, getting you groove on.

9. Hot Air Balloon Ride
Now a hot air balloon ride would be such an amazing experience, something you don’t get to do very often. Booking one for a family birthday party experience would probably be a huge hit as you celebrate high up in the sky!

Family Birthday Party Ideas - hot air balloon ride

10. Palm Reader
I’ve never had my palm read but I think that it would be such a fun thing to do as a family birthday. You can hire someone to come over for the  birthday. Fortunes and birthday cake seem like a good combination.

11. Private Sushi Making Class
If you have a family member who is a foodie, doing a private cooking class would be a perfect birthday party idea. I especially like the idea of a sushi making class because that would be good for all ages.

12. High Tea Party
And last but not least, what about a high tea birthday celebration. I’ve been a bit obsessed with high tea since my first experience a few months back. I even did one at home with the kids. It would make for a super fun and fancy birthday celebration whether you do it yourself at home or go out and experience it at a restaurant.

These are 12 awesome family birthday party ideas that are experiences the whole family can enjoy. It’s something exciting, different and memorable that the birthday boy or girl will never forgot.

What is your favourite way to celebrate a family birthday and which one of these twelve ideas would you like to do?

11 thoughts on “12 Family Birthday Party Ideas that are Experiences

  1. Love the ideas!! Would be planning something similar for hubby birthday in march. Your post was great for getting my ‘party planning’ juices flowing ?
    Good job!

  2. I love these ideas. I have been thinking about something different to do, since both my parents have big birthdays coming up and they are 5 weeks apart!

  3. I really liked all these ideas. Ideas which you have shared are relly the enjoyable stuff and interesting one. It is also good for family get together. Thanks for sharing!

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