Celebrating my 41st Birthday

On Sunday April 2, I turned 41 years old. Last year when I turned a milestone 40, my husband threw me the most wonderful surprise birthday party. It was so much fun, that I figured any celebration after that would pale in comparison.

40th - collage family

I was totally wrong. This year, even though it was more lo-key, I had a fabulous birthday weekend! I was coming off a week-long family vacation in Mexico and had a really great time celebrating with family and friends.

On Saturday evening, the kids slept over at my moms and we had some friends come over for dessert and wine. We played Cards Against Humanity and laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt. It was followed by a, “who can do the most pull-ups” competition, and then a dance off with Just Dance on the Wii.

41st birthday drinks

The hubby and I ended up going to bed at 2am, after a fun evening.

The next day, my actual birthday, was wonderful as well. It was a beautiful sunny day. We went to my mom’s house where my sister made brunch. I arrived to about 20 signs that he kids had drawn wishing me a happy birthday. They had also spend the morning squeezing 26 oranges so we could have freshly squeezed orange juice.

41st birthday - with family

My sister served brunch which was amazing and I tried my first Gallete. (I should mention that my sister is trained in the culinary arts.)

After that is was off to a birthday experience, indoor rock climbing! Every one tried it out, from my 5 and 7 year old to my mom and aunt who are both over 65.

41 st birthday - rock climbing

We squeezed in the kid’s tennis lesson before having dinner with my in-laws that evening.

I went to bed that night really happy to have been able to have such an enjoyable and memorable 41st birthday.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating my 41st Birthday

  1. Happy belated Birthday, Love! Sounded like you had a lovely celebration!! Doesn’t turning 40 make you look at life differently? Here’s to another amazing year! xo, Cindy

  2. I really enjoyed reading..! Belated wishes Salma.. ❤️ I hope I would have the same spirit and enthusiasm when I turn into my 40s too..!! Loads of love and all the best.. ❤️

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