Fun Fall Crafts

School has started, the weather is changing and Fall is definitely in the air. One of my favourite things about this season are the colors and the falling leaves. It’s also a fun time to do crafts with the kids.


Today I thought I would share 5 Fun Fall Crafts that you can enjoy doing with the kids. A great way to start is to go on a nature walk ahead of time to collect things you’ll need such as leaves, sticks and pine cones. Then come back and use them in one of these fall craft idea.

1. Fall Leaf Prints
Children love to paint, so take some of the leaves you picked on your nature walk to make this lovely Fall Leaf Print.

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Photo Source:

2. Fall Tree Snow Globes

We love making snow globes, like this one. I like the seasonal spin on this Fall Snow Globe that uses items you’ll find in nature, to make it.

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Photo Source:

3. Autumn Leaf Bowl

The kids will enjoy hunting for the biggest leaf they can find and then using it to make this lovely clay leaf bowl.

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Photo Source:

4. Fall Canvas Painting

Create a piece of artwork to hang on the wall with this fun tree canvas painting.

5. Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Pine cones are in abundance this time of year. Let the kids pick their favourite and bring it home to make a simple DIY bird feeder.

For more fun fall craft ideas, check out my Pinterest Board.

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