Getting Smiles with Goody

There is a story my mom used to tell me about my younger self. For some reason I always remember it and even more so, now that I have children and deal with the same thing.

It was our tale of tangles and tears. My hair was long most of my childhood. Every time my mom would brush my hair, I would cry. It got to the point where my dad would tell her, “Why are you making Salma cry?”

Goody - old family photo

So my mom would actually take me into the bathroom and close the door so my dad would let her comb my hair. I don’t remember this because I was young, but the story always made me laugh. Until I started having to deal with it myself.

We also kept my son’s hair long until about a year ago when all parties involved couldn’t deal with the hair combing battle every morning.

Goody - Keyan's long hair
Keyan’s hair before we cut it short.

But my daughter is another story. Since her hair grew long, it’s been a constant barrage of tears every morning when we have to brush and style it. Sometimes I’ll actually keep the same braid in her hair for three days just to avoid having to brush it. Other times we threaten to cut her hair. Even when we did cut and donate it, nothing was solved.

Goody - Kyah Hair

She loved how it looked when her hair was styled and braided, but not the process getting there. We have tried different kinds of brushes and combs which promised no tears. Some were okay, others weren’t, but nothing totally did away with the morning tears.

Then, we got a special delivery from Goody Hair. It was a box full of fun accessories, plus a hair brush that promised to be ouchless and stop the tears every time we brushed our daughter’s hair.

Goody Hair Accessories

We were so excited, that we had to try it right away. Here are the results of our experiment. If you deal with tears and tangles regularly, then you should definitely watch this!

“Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Goody and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

20 thoughts on “Getting Smiles with Goody

  1. So many great goodies! I love the video, so glad to see she wasn’t crying after using the Goody brush!

  2. Aw! I think every little girl goes through this! I was tender headed also! Your kids are beautiful and I’m happy you found some products that worked for your little girl.

  3. great video salma! also I am going out to get this brush pronto – zara has beautiful curly thick hair but it is SO HARD to brush!

  4. First of all–love the video! It’s neat to see the hairbrush in action, and to see that it really works. When I was growing up, this was a battle for my mom and me, too. My hair was so long at one time that I could sit on it, and it tangled so easily.

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