Homemade Cafe Latte

Straight up coffee, that’s just not for me. But give me a delicious and sweet cafe latte and I can totally handle that. If it’s homemade, even better!

Since my husband is a big latte drinker, we decided to start making them at home. We researched a few Milk Frothers and we found one that we loved and it’s essential in making a perfect latte. Our latte is simple, tasty and only requires three ingredients.

Homemade Cafe Latte feature

– milk (dairy and almond both work)
– sugar
– instant coffee

1. Add your milk in the frother (there is a line in the frother to fill to)
2. Depending on how sweet you like your latte’s add two tsp or two tbsp of sugar
3. Then add 1-2 tsp of instant coffee
4. Put the frother attachment in and press the heat button. Let the machine do it’s job. When it’s done, hold a spoon on the frother as you pour the latte into the cup. Then scoop out the froth and add it on top. 

homemade cafe latte finished

And that’s it, your cafe latte is ready to enjoy. You probably didn’t realize it was so simple to make!

What is your favourite hot drink?

11 thoughts on “Homemade Cafe Latte

  1. I like chai tea (no milk) as my favorite drink. But my husband and I both enjoy cappuccino. Years ago we bought a cappuccino maker and it didn’t last very long. Not sure if the frother of your choice is available in the US but I see other alternatives. Thank you for a possible gift idea.

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