How to Save and Store Your Children’s Artwork

With school now back in session, the drawings, paintings and artwork will soon be pouring in. There are only so many places you can hang it up. When the fridge is out of space as well as the bulletin board, what are you going to do? (Besides trying to throw it away when the kids aren’t looking.) How are you going to store your children’s artwork?

How to save and store your children's artwork


Last year we put together a fun and simple way to store and preserve the kids artwork and projects that come home from school. It was an idea I got from one of our friends who was doing in her home and we loved it. There is minimal investment because you only need a few items to put it together. And it’s actually a fun project for the kids to do all on their own and hallelujah, the perfect way to save and store your children’s artwork.

How to Store Your Children’s Artwork

Supplies you need to store your children’s artwork:

How to save and store your children's artwork
– Hardcover 3 Ring Binder (at least 2 inches or bigger)
– Protective Sleeves for Binders (you can find these at a dollar store. They usually have 10 or 20 in a pack)
– Large Alphabet Stickers
– Stickers for Decoration


1. Give each child a binder and alphabet stickers. Get them to use the stickers to spell their name and the school year they are in, (i.e. preschool, kindergarten, grade 2.) If they can’t spell yet, write it down on a piece of paper for them so they can use it as a guide.

How to save and store your children's artwork

How to save and store your children's artwork

*Make sure to get hard cover binders. We got these pretty, soft ones last year and even though they looked nice, the stickers kept coming off and the binder wouldn’t stay open unless we were holding it down which made it difficult for the kids to put their artwork in.

2. Then give them a big variety of stickers and let them decorate the front, back and even the inside! It’ll be a fun activity for them and it’ll give you a chance to use all those stickers you have accumulated.

How to save and store your children's artwork

3. When the kids are finished, put the protective sleeves inside the binder. Then when when the papers start coming in from school, you are ready to store your children’s artwork. Once the kids show it to you, give them the binder and let them put the artwork inside the sleeves. It gives them something they are responsible to do while you Save and Store Your Child’s Art Work. And every few months, it’s fun to go through and look at all the pages. 

How to save and store your children's artwork

This can be an annual tradition and activity to do with the kids right before back-to-school starts!

You can also try this fun and easy craft with your kids on how to save your their school photos with a School Pictures Scrapbook.

8 thoughts on “How to Save and Store Your Children’s Artwork

  1. I love this idea Salma! Totally doing this!! I have a stack from kindergarten from Brooklynn and can just imagine what will accumulate after all three are through school!

  2. What a simple yet fun and practical idea! I’m going to get a couple of binders this afternoon and do this. I have 4 year old twins in preschool and they come home with tons of stuff. I never know what to do with it, so it usually, um, disappears. 🙂

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