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With the end of the school year so close, most families already have their children’s class photos and individual school pictures.

It really nice to have them so that you can see how your kids change and grow each year. The class photos are a great memory for the kids too so they can remember their friends and teachers.

However, once the initial excitement of the pictures are over and you’ve given copies to the grandparents, the photos probably end up sitting in an envelope, box or drawer. I know that was the case when I was a kid.

School Photos Scrapbook - pin

So a couple years ago, the kids and I decided to create a school photo scrapbook. It’s a simple way to create a school year memory book for the kids, have a special place to store the school photos and a fun project for the kids, all in one.

A School Photo Scrapbook can also be a great activity to take on during the summer break. Once all the pictures are in, then each year, it’ll only take a little bit of time to add the new photos and update the scrapbook.

– Scrapbook or empty art book
– class photo and individual school photo
– scissors, markers, stickers and glue (whatever the kids want to decorate it)

1. The first page can be an introductory page where your child can place their favorite photo of themselves or even draw themselves. If you want, you can write a few things about your child, for example, their favorite food, activity color etc.. Then they can decorate it as they like.


2. Each school year needs two pages. You can do it anyway you like. This is what we did. On the first page you write down (or use letter stickers) for their grade and the year. Glue the class photo underneath that. Then below the photo, you can write down the names of their teachers and classmates. They can even single out who their really good friends were.

scrapbook with school class photo

Scrapbook with school photos

3. On the next page, you can glue their individual photo. On the same page you can guys can write down any favorite school memories of that year.  It’s nice to do it each year so that the memories and fresh and not forgotten.

school pictures scrapbook

How do you save your children’s school photos?

*Some of the years our kid’s individual school photos did not turn out well or they missed photo day, so we used photo’s from our annual family photo shoot instead


10 thoughts on “School Pictures Scrapbook

  1. This is a great idea! I was just tidying the office and found all these photos and I just filed them. I am going to do this over the summer for sure:)

  2. Scrapbooks are fun to make and its sad photo albums have become digital. I miss flipping through pages of photos and while I keep telling myself to get prints and make an album, I have been too lazy to execute these plans. Its a fun activity for the kids as well. Lovely post.

    1. It does take time to make albums, I haven’t made one in years! This scrapbook is a easy one, especially because the kids can do lots of it.

  3. I love scrapbooking. It was my favorite hobby when I was in school. It’s a great way to stir creativity in kids + make memories. I love what you guys put together

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