Iced Green Tea Frappe

The other afternoon the kids and I were home. It was a hot day and I was feeling tired. I was craving a cold drink and I needed a little energy boost. Since I don’t really drink coffee, I didn’t have any caffeine in the house. But I did have some green tea.

I was inspired by an Instagram photo by Megan from Food & Whine who made a Green Tea Latte.  I thought, an Iced Green Tea Frappe using matcha powder sounds perfect. I love matcha and use it regularly in lattes and smoothies, so why not an Iced drink as well. I can I tell you that since I made it the first time, I’ve become obsessed and want to drink it all the time, it’s seriously that good and that easy!

Matcha Iced Green Tea Frappe

Iced Green Tea Frappe Recipe

1 cup of milk
2 tsp of green tea powder (I used DoMatcha)
1-2 Tbsp sugar
5 cubes of ice

1. Put all the ingredients in the blender.
2. Blend until smooth.
3. Enjoy!


finished Iced green tea

What’s your favourite way to enjoy Green Tea?

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20 thoughts on “Iced Green Tea Frappe

  1. Green tea – hot from the teabag. My favorite flavors being grape and mandarin + passion fruit.

    Love the name of your blog. You know, many people talk about BALANCE. The way I see it, balance is NOT about all things being equal – same amount of time devoted, same amount of passion and emotions, same same same, but rather about creating a HARMONY that works for you.

    Good luck with the CHALLENGE. Good luck with your blog and … balance. HUGS <3

    1. The mandarin passion fruit sounds delicious! And you are really right about balance meaning some thing different than what we traditionally believe. We have to figure out what’ the right balance for our family so everyone can be happy. Thanks for stopping by Judy 🙂

  2. I m gradually turning into a health freak – Green tea , almonds now adding to my regular diet. My only grudge is – Healthy is not tasty all the times. Iced Green tea – looks promising.. shall try it out.

    1. I get you, I try too….junk food is just so darn tasty 😉 I do like a good cup of green tea though and this recipe is probably a great place to start since it does have sugar. You could also add honey as well.

    2. You should try it out, this one tastes really good! And you can even switch out the sugar for a more natural sweetness like honey or agave.

  3. I’ve never tried iced tea (tea is a warm-you-up drink in Scotland) but I have tried Chinese green tea and it was too bitter for my taste. This looks like a different drink entirely, though I’m not sure I would be able to get hold of green tea powder here.

  4. I just tried this, and it’s delish!! I have the DoMatcha tea powder, and wondered what else I can make with it. This was the perfect solution. I made it exactly like your recipe, but I used organic Coconut Palm sugar. Love the frothy texture of this drink!

  5. I just made this creamy iced green tea in my handy vitamix, it is fantastic!! I may use a bit less sugar next time, but man is it fantastically refreshing on this warm summer day!! This can easily be made into a bubble tea, that you pay small fortune for in the mall, & it is so much healthier than the artificial flavoring powder and sugar syrup they use. Thanks for the fantastic, easy, and yummy recipe!!

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