It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Want

Have you ever wanted to do something but just didn’t? Like bungee jumping, taking a course, getting a tattoo, visiting a country, reconnecting with an old friend or family member.  If you think it’s too late, I’m here to tell you, it’s never too late.

It's Never too late to do what you want

I recently started thinking about this because in my 42nd year of life, I’ve been doing things that I never thought I would. This year, after having it on my mind for a long time, I decided to go back to school. I realized that over time, my passions and motivations had changed and that there was something else I wanted to do. Part of me held back for a while because I thought it was so late in life to be starting something totally  new and that maybe it was too late. But, I’ve realized, it’s never too late.

It's never too late to do what you want - go back to school
Never thought I’d be studying for exams again…But it’s never too late.

I also did something that I’ve been wanting to for the last 22 years. I remember being 19 years old and trying on a faux nose ring and thinking, I love this! But I never took the plunge. Either I was too scared, or had excuses like it would be unprofessional for my career choice etc. Then, 22 years later, I did it. Yes, I was nervous and those same excuses came into my head, but I still did it! And you know what, I am so happy and I absolutely love it! I didn’t feel regret that I had waited so long to get my nose pierced. Instead I felt happy and proud that I did something that I wanted to. Again, it’s never too late.

It's never too late to do what you want - nose ring
It’s never too late to get a piercing, a tattoo, go back to school or go skydiving!

What is something you have always wanted to do, try, learn or experience but maybe something, someone or a situation is holding you back?

What do you think is holding you back from doing it? You’re not alone if you have thoughts like:
– I’m too old
– It’s too late to do that now
– I should have done it when I was younger
– What will people think?
– I feel silly

But when it comes down to it, it’s your life. If you really love something, want to do something, are passionate about something or you’ve been wanting to do it for a long time, then take the plunge! Remember it’s NEVER too late. Life is so short, so do the things you want to, make yourself happy, create amazing memories, connect with others and have those experiences. It’s only one life you get to live, why not make it the best one?!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Want

  1. You are truly one of the most inspiring women (read mom, blogger, fitness inspo and more) I have come across, thanks to Social media. There are many things I want to do and always taking a step back and lose time in thinking about it…hopefully I will do that soon! and good luck for everything Salma.

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