Keyan’s 8th Birthday

I can’t believe that just over a week ago, we celebrated my first born’s 8th birthday. Eight!! How did that happen? I still remember the day he was born, so clearly in my mind, from the 26 hours in labour to the drive home from the hospital.

That saying, “The days are long but the years are short,” is so true. He was the most adorable and cuddly little toddler and now he’s a full blown kid. He’s reading and drawing, building and biking; everyday, he grows up and I think I love him even more.

But enough of my gushing. I thought I would share our family celebration of his birthday. To keep party numbers in check, every year on the kids’ birthday’s, we do a family dinner on their actual birthday and then a party with friends later on.

In the morning, Keyan’s dad took him to laser tag with a friend, something he’s been wanting to try out for a while now. He had a blast. In the afternoon, the kids blew up a bunch of balloons as the hubby and I cleaned up and prepared dinner, pasta, the birthday boy’s request.

Family arrived just before dinner time. We ate food, played indoor soccer, chatted and cut the most unbelievable birthday cake that my aunt had made at Keyan’s request. He had a wonderful day and we were able to snap a few photos that really captured the day of his 8th birthday.

Keyan’s 8th birthday celebrations

Keyan requested this layered rainbow cake and my aunt made it. It was her first time and it turned out amazingly!
Family Selfie Time


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