Kyah’s 6th Birthday Party at 4Cats

Kyah’s 6th birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. Like we do for every one of the kids’ birthdays, we had a family dinner on the actual day.

We invited the uncles, aunts and grandparents. This year they had some cousins in town so it was an extra special party!

Then on the weekend, she celebrated with her school friends. Like her brother’s 6th birthday, Kyah decided she wanted it to be at 4Cats Art Studio as well. We all love 4Cats and have done lots of workshops and painting sessions there from splatter, to artists, clay and more!

For Kyah’s party, she decided on a Georgia O’Keeffe inspired painting. When we got to 4Cats Shaughnessy, all the easels were set up and ready for the kids. Once everyone arrived and their smocks were on, Messy Marnie got the party started by getting every to let the city know it was Kyah’s birthday by yelling it as loud as they could!

Then for the first hour, Messy Marnie walked the kids through each step of the painting. It was great seeing all the kids so focused on their paintings.

Once everyone was done and cleaned up, it was time for birthday cake, snacks and goodie bags.

All the paintings looked so great! They were similar but also unique to each person. And it’s great that the kids have a souvenir they can take home with them from the party.

Kyah was really happy at the end and excited to hang her flower painting in her room! 4Cats is definitely one of our favorite places for a party, even grown up birthday parties. If you see our house, there are paintings all over the place!

Have you ever hosted or attended a painting party?

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