Yoda Birthday Party at 4Cats Shaughnessy

I have been excited for Keyan’s birthday party for quite a while! The reason being is that we planned a totally cool, clay Yoda building, splatter painting party for him at 4Cats Art Studio Shaughnessy! 

Since going there and building clay penguins, Keyan’s been wanting to go back again. So it really was the logical choice to have a Star Force Clay Party for him. 

It ended up being so much fun for everyone so I wanted to share it all with you!

We had the party on a Sunday afternoon which worked out great. After all the children arrived, Messy Marnie, started talking to the kids about the rules of the studio and what they would be doing that day. I have to say, she is great with the kids! Everyone listened very well.

4cats explaining art

Most of the kids at the party were making clay Yoda’s. Marnie went through each part, step by step and piece by piece so that it was possible for all the kids to make it themselves.

4Cats Keyan rolling clay

4Cats Yoda Making

Kyah made a Princess Leia.

4cats Kyah leia

Once all the Star Wars characters were made, the kids went into the splatter room to paint the background for their clay creations. First they painted the background, created a planet and then splattered glow in the dark paint to create the stars.

4cats splatter room

Once the art portion of the birthday was over, we had pizza, fruit and veggies for lunch. Art definitely makes you hungry! Then it was cupcake and candle time.

4Cats Cupcakes

We spent a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes at the 4Cats Studio and it was the perfect amount of time. The clay art stayed at the studio for a couple of days so the paint could dry and the clay could be baked.

4cats finished star wars project

When we picked them up, each Yoda was unique and perfect. The kids had such a fun time at the 4Cats Art Studio Shaughnessy and they got to take home a keepsake of the party and a pretty cool piece of art work to hang on their walls. Definitely a birthday party that will be remembered.

4Cats - kids with artwork

*A big thank you to 4Cats Shaughnessy for giving Keyan such a  wonderful 6th birthday party!


11 thoughts on “Yoda Birthday Party at 4Cats Shaughnessy

  1. When my son was young there were few birthday party options, and none like this. My son would have loved something hands on, including the “splatter” background. Children all love glow in the dark! The pictures look like all had a good time. The only down side for the guests is the couple of days wait – but it looks like the creations are well worth it. Good times!

  2. What a priceless event, Salma! You can tell from those smiles just what a home run you hit with choosing this place for your party! Hey, I’d love to go create there!

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