Kyah’s First Day of Preschool

On Tuesday Sept 9, Kyah started her first day of preschool.

She had a good sleep and woke up to a chocolate chip pancake breakfast with chicken sausages and fruit. You need to fuel up for your first day of preschool right?

Kyah picked a new yellow shirt to wear because it’s her favourite colour. We packed her lunch box with a snack, filled her new water bottle, packed her inside shoes and then we were ready. Except of course we had to get first day photos!

Kyah First Day of preschool 1

I had printed out a first day of preschool sheet so she could hold it in front of her. But before I could start, her brother already had his camera out and was clicking away! It was so adorable. After we had a mini-photo session, we got in the car and headed to the school. We didn’t want to be late on her first day.

Kyah 1st day preschool with Keyan

I wasn’t as apprehensive as I thought I might be because Kyah had done a summer program with her brother where I’d left her and the first day was a pretty traumatic experience for both of us. So I was hoping that it would be a better transition with no tears this time.

The first week was gradual entry of only one hour each of the two days. So Keyan and I dropped her off, introduced her to her teachers and got her comfortable with some toys and activities. Then we said our goodbyes. We started to leave and I just kept waiting to hear her crying, but it didn’t happen!

We decided to sit in the hallway and wait (as did some other parents) just in case. But every things was okay. We peaked through the window and she was totally fine. She played by herself, talked to another student and even participated in circle time.

kyah preschool collage

By the time the doors opened for the kids to come out, I was bursting with pride and happiness. I gave Kyah a big hug and told her how proud I was of her. She gave me a huge smile and told me her favourite part of preschool was circle time.

It was a great day for Kyah and definitely a different experience for me compared to Keyan’s first day at preschool. How did your child’s first day go? Was it a different experience for you from your other children?

11 thoughts on “Kyah’s First Day of Preschool

  1. Congratulations, Kyah… and mom! 🙂 It is so exciting to watch your child experience these life changing moments. I remember when mine went off to preschool. My son was ok but a little shy. My daughter, met a new friend at the cubby hole where we put her stuff, and they ran out to play leaving the friends mom and me standing there looking at each other. “I guess they are going to be ok… coffee?” The two girls have been best friends ever since. 🙂

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  2. Your little girl is oh, so adorable. She’s very pretty, and I love her long hair. She looked contented in the pics, and it’s so sweet that your son took pictures of her too. I saw that and had to smile. Thanks for sharing! (I have no little ones, so can’t relate a similar story, but I do remember my sisters crying on the first day for their kids. The kids weren’t crying … just the sisters. lol)

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