Kyah’s Preschool Graduation

This June, Kyah graduated from preschool. Just like Keyan two years ago, her preschool held a lovely graduation ceremony for the class.

It seems like just yesterday that she started preschool and now she’s finished. Over the last two years, she has grown and changed and some of it is thanks to preschool.

Kyah graduation - besties
Kyah with her preschool bestie Photo Credit: ChicGeek Photography

Even though it was only 2.5 hours a day, a few days a week, it really had a positive impact on Kyah. Not only has she become more independent, learned how to make friends and play on her own, she also learned how to stand up in front of a crowd and perform without tears and that is huge! These are all  big milestones for Kyah and we are so proud of her.

On graduation day Kyah played her part in the school play about the Three Billy Goats.

Photo Credit: ChicGeek Photography

She stayed on the stage and sang songs with her whole class.

Kyah graduation - singing
Photo Credit: ChicGeek Photography

At the end, she stood with her teachers to accept her diploma and jump into kindergarten, all with a smile and no tears.

Kyah's graduation - diplima
Photo Credit: ChicGeek Photography

It was a lovely morning and something we will always remember as Kyah starts the next step in her journey this September.

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