Meal Plan December 9 – 15

Last week for some reason, I didn’t meal plan. I don’t know why, but it just didn’t happen. And I won’t lie, we did end up ordering some pizza, which I served with a side of edamame beans to make it ‘healthier.’ One meal was at my mom’s house and one at my in-laws and that helped a lot. On the days I was on my own, I did mange to serve a meal but it wasn’t smooth sailing. Trying to figure out what I was going to make each afternoon and then checking to see if I had all the ingredients or not was frustrating, so this week it’s back to meal planning to make my life just a little bit easier.

Monday – Dinner at my moms

Tuesday –Chicken Fried Rice and Chinese Chicken Corn Soup (minus the chicken) served with steamed edamame

Wednesday  – Cheesy Chili Macaroni with steamed broccoli

Thursday – Hubby’s work Christmas party

Friday – Akni with carrot pickle and plain yogurt

Saturday – Leftovers

Sunday – Dinner at my in-laws

What is on your meal plan this week?

6 thoughts on “Meal Plan December 9 – 15

  1. Gosh you are organised Salma! I did try doing this when our kids were little but these days my meal plan mostly consists of “What would you like/be willing to eat today?” Teenagers can be a teensy bit fussy! We do have several staples that we have most weeks – Saturday became pizza night years ago, though we mostly do homemade ones. I find takeaways too salty.

    1. Aww, thanks Yvonne. All parts of my life are not organized but trying to meal plan dinner really helps out. I imagine things are a lot different with teenagers and I’ll be experiencing that before I know it 🙂

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