Meal Plan – Feb 2-8, 2015

Today I asked the kids what they wanted to eat for dinner this week. I thought it would be nice to get their input and get a few suggestions to help me out. Here are the answers I got were, “cereal, pizza, carrots, pancakes.” Hmm, interesting suggestions, lets see if we can incorporate some of those requests into the meal plan 🙂

Tandoori Chicken Wings Feature

Monday Curried Fish (minus the chillies) with noodles

Tuesday – Tandoori Chicken Wings with carrots, celery and dip

Wednesday Cheesesteaks and homemade fries

Thursday –  Fried Rice

Friday – Cream of Mushroom Soup and french bread

Saturday – My go-to simple pancake recipe with scrambled eggs and sliced fruit

Sunday – Dinner at my MIL’s

What’s on your meal plan this week?

9 thoughts on “Meal Plan – Feb 2-8, 2015

  1. Hi Salma,

    I don’t make up the meal schedule; my hubby does. I cook for him, but in the near future, I probably won’t be eating the same meals. 🙂

    Here’s what he wants this week:

    Monday: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

    Tuesday: Spam Soup

    Wednesday: Taco Salad

    Thursday: Baked Macaroni and Cheese

    Friday: Pork Roast with Steamed Carrots, Potatoes

    I’m not sure about the weekend. He usually orders out. 🙂 ROFL

    – Bonnie

  2. Oh dear. I don’t plan my meals ahead. I should – it might prevent me snacking and eating ‘easy’ food! I’ll have some of those tandoori chicken wings though!

  3. We don’t plan our meals either. I’m sure it would save us some money in the long run. But he is such a picky eater, he gets to do the grocery shopping and cooking.

  4. My husband plans the menu for the week and then cooks it–and washes up afterward. What a man. Last night he made roast duck legs in plum sauce, roast potatoes, mediterranean vegetables, and leek with mushroom in cream sauce. Mmmm. But then, we don’t have to pander to children’s tastes.

  5. I love meal planning. It’s the only way I can grocery shop these days. This week we are doing:

    Phad Tai Noodles
    Vegan Mac and “Cheese” with garlic bread
    Veggie burgers and fries
    Potato and Broccoli garlic roast with black beans and a salad on the side
    Lentil Sloppy Joes on wheat
    Burrito Bowls and Taco Shells

    I usually only prepare 6 meals during the week and one we eat out or order in. That’s sort of our “not so healthy night” lol

  6. I try to meal plan, but when it comes to actually cooking the meals, I often fail and we eat out.

    However, I found a bunch of crock pot chicken meals that I think I make low-carb and maybe my diabetic, autistic daughter will actually eat!

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