Moms 30 for 30 – Week 3

Feeling pretty proud that I’ve completed week 3 of the #moms30for30 fashion challenge. It’s definitely been interesting to only make outfits from 30 articles of clothing and make it work for every occasion. I’ve been putting outfits together that I never would have before and it’s been really opening my eyes to the possibilities of my wardrobe as well as how accessories can really change your whole look! (If you want to know where I bought my articles of clothing click here.)

Here are my outfits for week 3:

30for30 week 3

Day 21

Make sure to check out the fashion stylings of my lovely co-hosts:

30for30 hostsShawna                Raj                      Brooke             Farzana                 Brianna

Also joining the fashion challenge:

Via Blog:
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Tiffany at Becoming Barsotti

Via Instagram with the #moms30for30:

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