Simple Summer Plans

It’s a rainy summer day and I’m lying in bed recovering from food poisoning. The kids are entertaining themselves by building a fort. My mind is thinking about the things the kids and I want to do this summer.

I’m looking forward to having fun with the kids while they are out of school. Even though we want to keep things low-key and simple this summer, I thought it might be nice to start a bucket list of our Simple Summer Plans.

1. Beach days
We love the beach and we are lucky to have a couple great ones close by so we will definitely be having a few beach days over the summer months.

Simple Summer Plans - beach

2. Water/Spray parks
There are lots of fun and free water parks all around the city so we  want to visit some of those as well.

Simple Summer Fun - spray parks

3. Summer reading
Our local library has a summer reading program. The kids love books so we will be signing up for that and at the end of the summer, the kids will receive a medal at a special ceremony at the library!

Simple Summer Fun - library

4. Crafts
The kids love making things so I want to continue last summer’s #CraftFriday. We created a Pinterest Board with lots of crafts and each week, the kids pick one they want to make. Then we get all the supplies and make them each Friday.

Simple Summer Plans - crafts

5. Exploring Trails
We recently moved into a new neighbourhood and there are lots of trails around so we want to walk and explore those trails this summer.

Simple Summer Plans- trail walking

The kids are also going to be doing one week of bike camp and one week of a sport camp of their choosing. We will also be heading to Whistler for one weekend in August with some friends. Other than than that, we are planning to just have a laid back summer, hang out with friends and enjoy our time together.

What is on your summer bucket list?

5 thoughts on “Simple Summer Plans

  1. As someone who had food poisoning as a teenager, I’m amazed you can do any planning! But, as for me, I am past child raising. I loved those library summer reading programs – in fact, I signed up for an adult program at my local library for the first time. Where I live, many also take advantage of youth recreation programs run by the various towns.

  2. Oh, goodness, Salma, I hope you’re feeling better by now! That sounds very unpleasant!

    You have a nice plan for summer.

    Hubby and I are planning to attend an annual event in Yarmouth, Maine, called the Yarmouth Clam Festival, the third weekend of July. There’s all kinds of seafood and the usual festival fried foods (including fried dough!), carnival rides, and an amazing arts and crafts show.

    The last weekend in July is my mom-in-law’s family reunion (her side of the family), so we will attend that.

    In August, we hope to get to our favorite ocean beach a couple times, and also go to our granddaughters’ combined birthday party (they have birthday in August and September, about 2 weeks apart – they will be 2 and 4 this year).

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