The Day Kyah Was Born

Kyah was due to be born on Aug 19, 2011. But like Keyan before her, she decided to come early. 

The Day Kyah Was Born

On Aug 8, 2011 at around 10:45pm I started having contractions. For the 9 months leading up to that moment, not once did I worry about about labour and the pains that came along with it. It is so true that you really do forget. But the second those contractions hit, it all came flooding back and I almost started to cry, thinking, I can’t believe I’m going to have to do this again!

This time around, the contractions weren’t slow and steady, they came hard and fast. We grabbed our bag headed to the hospital right away, which luckily was only a three minute drive from our condo in Winnipeg. However, walking to the elevator and car was long and painful as the contractions kept on coming! 

As we drove out of the car garage we stopped at a red light. I look at my husband and asked him, “Are you serious?! Just go!” So he went through the red light and guess what? A police car appeared out of no where right behind us. I thought great, just what we need. 

They didn’t turn on their lights or sirens to pull us over but they did follow us the whole way to the hospital and into the emergency parking lot. They came over to the car and when they saw me, they just tried to be helpful. Of course I was probably not very nice to the officer as he came in the middle of the contraction, but I’m sure he understood.

The parking lot guy told my hubby he could leave the car in emergency while he took me inside, got me signed in and settled and then he could come move the car into the regular parking lot.

Well guess what? There was no time to come back. We got to the triage, I was in a lot of pain, they got me in, checked me out and took me right to the delivery room because apparently Kyah was ready to come out.

I was shocked and totally unprepared for this. The last labour was more than 26 hours and right now it had only been a few hours. Plus, I needed the epidural and I told that to the doctor. I actually told him that there is no way I would be able to do this without the epidural! And he said to me, get this, “I’ll give it to you after.” So not funny in the moment but it gives me a good laugh now.

Like so many other moms before me, Kyah came out and I was able to do it without the epidural 🙂 It all happened so fast and Kyah was born on August 9, 2011 at 3:09am weighing in at 6lbs and 4.8oz. 

She was lovely, squishy and amazing. She had dark hair and grey eyes and she snuggled into me right away. It was another amazing moment that I will never forget, another miracle.

Kyah Baby Collage

Kyah Toddler collage

Kyah Now collage She is no longer a baby, but an amazing four-year old little girl. She’s energetic, intelligent, caring and her smile is contagious. It’s going to be a wonderful adventure watching her grow and blossom in the years ahead. 

Happy Birthday to my little girl!

Kyah birth story birthday photo

6 thoughts on “The Day Kyah Was Born

  1. Happy birthday to Kyah and thank you for sharing the details of her birth. We Moms all have unique birth stories. This is a story Kyah will love to hear one day – police escort and all. (Don’t worry, I said some not nice words to the doctor delivering my baby – I don’t think anything will shock emergency workers).

  2. Isn’t it amazing what our bodies can do when we give them the chance! Such a great story and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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