The Mommy Body – Part Two

A few months back, I wrote a post detailing my  journey to accepting my new mom body and how it took me a very long time to get back to my pre-baby weight. That’s why the thought of writing this post was kind of embarrassing for me at first. But I realized that I’m human and it happens, to all of us.

I broadcast to the world, back in August, that after four years and two babies, I was finally back to my pre-baby weight. It wasn’t an easy road to get there and now four short months later, I have gained back most of those 10lbs that took painstakingly long to lose. Two years to lose 30lbs, four months to gain back those obstinate 10lbs. That doesn’t sound right, but I guess it is the reality of the situation.

And of course I have all the right excuses:

– I was in a car accident so I couldn’t work out too hard and take classes

– I was doing physio so I couldn’t do anything strenuous that may hurt my knees and neck.

– After taking care of the kids and house and errands and blah and blah, I was too tired to work out or I just didn’t have the time

– Once I wasn’t working out, my nutrition and portion control fell to the wayside and my night time snacking was at an all time high

– I wasn’t motivated

Well, I’m tired of excuses. I’m annoyed that I can only wear leggings and workout pants now because all my jeans are too tight and I have to buy a new pair of jeans. I’m tired of making my self feel better by eating and then later feel not so great about the same thing.

I’ve decided not to wait until the New Year to make a resolution. I’m going to make the committment now so that when the new year starts, I’ll already be in a good place. Here is what I’m going to do to get myself back on track.

1. Join the gym again and take classes at least three times a week

2. Start monitoring my food intake (and hopefully change it if it’s too much.)

3. Make myself and exercise a priority.

4. Invest some time with a personal trainer to help me figure out how to achieve my fitness goals

I’ve realized, that for me, exercise is not just about losing weight and keeping a healthy body, it’s also important in keeping me mentally healthy and giving me that extra energy to get through the day. The at-home and video workouts are just not making the cut anymore because my self-motivation is at an all time low. I need a push and I need to be held accountable.

A friend of mine and I even made a deal with each other to exercise three times a week. And each time we miss a workout, we have to put a loonie in a jar. If the jar keeps getting filled up with missed workouts, that money goes to the other person in the form of a gift card. So between my friend, scheduled classes at the gym, and four weekly sessions with a personal trainer, I think I’ve stacked the deck in my favour. Now it’s up to me to follow through and make sure I’m consious of my eating as well.

So that’s my story. It’s rewind and start again, this time with hopefully a better, more long term outcome. It happens to many of us and all we can do is sign, dust off and try again. Those jeans will fit, it’ll just take a little longer than we think.

Have you ever dealt with the weight off and on scenario? Does exercising and eating healthy become the last thing on your list of priorities? What do you do when that happens? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


17 thoughts on “The Mommy Body – Part Two

  1. I’m on a weight loss journey and this time of year suuuucks. Deep breath. One day at a time. Small changes become the new routine – I’m sure you’ll kill it! Also – love the loonie in a jar idea. Great motivator!

  2. I am also on a weight loss journey since having my daughter… its been so hard. Good for you for setting a plan of attack! I am here for support and venting if needed 😀

  3. I gained 50-60 pounds during pregnancy with each of my boys and it took about 2 years to lose all the weight the first time. My youngest is already 2 and i’m still trying to lose the last 5 pounds to get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It’s so hard! I found that works really well. It alllows you to track your food and exercise which really helps!

    1. I agree that it’s the last little bit that’s the hardest. And it’s frustrating when you’re so close. I’m sure you’ll get there very soon!

  4. I know what you mean Salma. Since I was sick last year (Took 6 months to recover) and then now recovering from injuring my back at work I need to get back to working out. I like what you wrote about it being good for you mentally as well as physically. We all have a myriad of excuses but we need to start making health a priority. Once my back has fully healed, I will definitely make a commitment to get back to working out and doing yoga. I know that when I work out I feel better and have more energy. I think you look amazing but i totally understand what you’re saying. Good luck my friend. If you need a personal trainer I’ve got a great one.


  5. I love the accountability idea! I was in the best shape of my life when my mom used to wake me up at 5 am to go swimming with her (three times a week) or my friend would call me up to go for a bike ride with her (a couple times a week) during my teens. Now… well, like you, I’ve got all the excuses! But I’d love to start some good habits too so, as you say, anytime is a good time for some resolutions! Thanks for sharing and encouraging. 🙂

  6. I can’t wait to read about your journey! Last year I was one of the mom bloggers for the Today’s Parent Healthy Family Challenge. I was doing really well with my fitness goals… but then my community center cancelled all of the classes I was taking due to low attendance. I have a meeting with them tomorrow. Hoping to get back in the game. It makes me feel so much better about myself.

  7. I struggle with weight gain AND loss I just wish for consistency, really. I love my wardrobe and I practically have relationships with my clothing. When I have to say goodbye to something it really makes me sad. My clothing sometimes represents a time for me, an era… Or it reminds me of great occasions, or difficult occasions. All things that have made me into who I am. It’s tough to give up something that’s been through so much with you. Wow… Guess I never really outgrew my teddy bear, it just became something else. Anyhow, both gaining and losing put me in a rough space, but I’m working on it. Best of luck.

  8. Salma, This sounds like a great plan. Do keep in mind that your weight can fluctuate by 1 – 2 pounds per day just based on water retention. Or at least that”s what they say. …and if it’s not quite true, well I’ll believe it anyway!

    I like the idea of being accountable to a friend and having to put the loonie in the jar.

    My challenge is that gyms don’t interest me. I do like a nice, subtle, discreet pilates mat class. I’d love to do a reformer pilates class too. But finances don’t permit. So for me it’s all at home. We have some home gym equipment that my husband uses. You’d think that I could just plug into a TV show and go at it. I’d rather do something that involves mat work or free weight lifting/aerobic fitness on the stop. I tried a programme earlier this year, was sick with a cold for awhile and fell off the track. So I need to get back on. And I’m with you on starting new year’s early. I did this last year and it felt right to me.

    Good luck with your programme. It sounds like you’ve set yourself up nicely.

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