10 Gifts for a New Mom That Will be Appreciated

As a mom of two kids, who are both out of the baby stage, I do remember that there are some gifts that I really appreciated receiving from family and friends. With a few friends who are expecting as well as a few new moms, I thought it would be great to share some ideas for Gifts for a New Mom Will that She Will be Appreciated.


Gifts for a New Mom

1. Nursing cover
A nursing cover is essential for any new mom who is breast-feeding or pumping. Even though she may already have one, a second one is really handy. That way, one can stay in the diaper bag for travel and the second one can be at home in-case it’s required when guests are around or even for pumping. 

10 Ideas for Gifts for New Moms
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2. Spa Gift Card
In the first few months after having a baby, a new mom is usually so busy taking care of the baby and so exhausted that she has no thoughts of doing anything for herself. A gift card for a pedicure or massage would be a perfect gift to give mom a break and get some pampering. Get the spa to put an expiry date on it that’s pretty soon, so your friend will go sooner rather than later. Sneaky, I know.

3. Homemade Meal
Bring over a home cooked-meal that can be popped into the freezer for future use if need be. It’ll be perfect for an evening when dinner was just not going to happen!
10 Ideas for Gifts for New Moms

4. Easy to Eat Snacks
If you’ve ever had a newborn, you know that between feedings, changing diapers and holding them almost all day, trying to prepare any food or snacks, let alone eating a full meal without interruption is nearly impossible. Bring over or make some healthy snacks that she can eat with one had because the other one will likely be holding baby.

10 Ideas for Gifts for New Moms
No Bake Granola Balls

5. Netflix
I lost count of how many hours of TV I watched during the first newborn faze. Whether my son was nursing for an hour or would only stay sleeping in my arms, the only thing I could do to pass the time was watch TV. I would have loved to have Netflix to watch with so many movies at my finger tips. And all those series that I wanted to watch likeLostGleePrison Break and Grey’s Anatomy, it would have been amazing! A binge-watching dream, new mom’s dream!

10 Ideas for Gifts for New Moms
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6. Instant Tea or Coffee
I would have loved to make a cup of chai for myself (I know many others love coffee) when I was at home with the baby. But it takes time and two hands, which a new mom doesn’t often have. Packets of instant tea (or coffee) would be ideal. I love these single serve packets of Tea India’s Chai Moments. You just need one hand to pour the milk and warm it up. Then use one hand to pour in the small pack of chai. Serve and drink. Simple and easy and a gift a new mom will definitely appreciate.
10 Ideas for Gifts for a new mom
7. Housecleaning service
Between the tons of laundry and the lack of time to wash dishes or vacuum, a gift card from a cleaning service would be perfect for a new mom. However, not the kind of cleaning service where you have to clean up before they come. Just the kind that can work around anything in the way and get the big things done, like cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors, washing dishes etc.

8. Smart Phone Stroller Attachement
These weren’t around when I had babies but they are awesome! Strollers are used a lot by new moms. However, it’s hard to steer the stroller straight with one had while using your phone in the other. Enter the Phone Pod Holder. It clips on to your stroller handle and then you have it at your finger tips without having to use your hand. Genius I tell you!

10 Ideas for Gifts for a new mom

9. Favourite Baby Books
Bring a new mom a few of your favourite books for babies’ library as a gift. It’s never to early to start reading to them and a gift like that is thoughtful and will really be treasured.10 Ideas for Gifts for a new mom - baby books10.  Time
And last but definitely not least when thinking about gifts for a new mom, give a new mom your time. Whether you come in for and hour and help around the house with some chores, come over to hold baby so mom can take a shower and eat lunch or you offer to babysit so mom can go to an appointment or just get a little break, it’ll truly be appreciated. It’s a gift that costs nothing but means a great deal.

Those are a few ideas for gifts for a new mom that would really be appreciated!

What is your favourite gift that your received when you were a new mom? Or what is a gift you like to give new moms?



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