4 Teas You Need to Try


4 Teas You Need to Try - feature
When it comes to tea, my favourite has always been chai made by my mom and my aunt. It’s so delicious and there is a feeling of comfort in a cup of chai. However, I have been expanding my tea horizons and I’ve discovered some other wonderful teas, teas you need to try!

4 Teas You Need to Try - Pinterest

Teas You Need to Try

1. Silk Road Happy Tea
On my first ever girl’s trip to Victoria, we discovered an amazing place called Silk Road Tea. The store is full of amazing stuff things including the most fabulous teas. I ended up buying a few and the flavour in each one is so unique and tasty. One of my favourites is their Happy Wellness Tea that can help uplift your mood and less face it, there are days we all need that!

Photo Source: SilkRoadTea.com

2. Tea India Green Tea
I’ve always enjoyed Tea India’s different chai’s. Recently they launched a new line of loose leaf green tea. I tried it and really like it. It’s so much better than the regular green tea bags and it has much more flavour.

4 teas to try - tea india green tea
Photo Source: Tea India Instagram

3. Earl Grey Tea Latte
I love a good Earl Grey tea. But you can take it to the next level by making it a latte. It’s so simple that you can even make it yourself at home and it’s so delicious and comforting.

Earl Grey Tea Latte

4. Matcha Green Tea
Matcha is powdered green tea leaves and it has a lot of health benefits as well as an energy boost. I love to have it as a latte or a frappe, depending on the season.

Matcha Green Tea Frappe

Those are four of my favourite teas that you need to try!
What is your favourite kind of tea?

3 thoughts on “4 Teas You Need to Try

  1. Yes, HOT TEA!! 🙂 My favorite hot beverage. I just recently learned about Chai tea and Chai latte (yummy!) from my youngest daughter when I was at her house when granddaughter #3 was born. I also like Tetley Green Tea with Lemon (and honey), but my all-time favorite is Bigelow’s Constant Comment tea, with a hint of orange flavor.

  2. can’t go wrong with good old fashioned indian tea with plenty of cinnamon and cardamom —
    but lately i’ve enjoyed a David’s Tea called Forever Nuts with pieces of apple beetroot and nuts in it!

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